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Can't Stop Won't Stop


We have some challenges in our way at the moment... some adverse weather, gym restrictions, and (in my case) wayyy too many holiday treats... but those will not stop us moving forward in our fitness!

As we've seen already last week and this week, the weather is a challenge, but with the right gear and a solid attitude, you can train effectively outside, and actually enjoy it! So if it is SAFE to travel to the gym, get your winter gear on, shed your excuses, and come and get a workout in... trust me, you will feel a LOT better!

We did cancel early Tuesday classes and the ongoing snow may inhibit sessions this week, but we will do our absolute best to offer training whenever possible. Again, if it is SAFE for you to travel, and you have the gumption to do so, come on in and get after it!

After all, we do CrossFit not because it is EASY, but because it presents a significant challenge... and by overcoming that challenge we become MUCH STRONGER.

With that in mind, some of you could use some home workout support, so I will be programming a full slate of training through the week, EVERY week until we are back fully open. Pop onto BTWB, OR click on the word "WOD" at the top of our website homepage, and see what the At Home options are for each day. It will cycle through some strength work, energy systems, and metcons just like our in gym programming.

If you have equipment at home, then you can always follow along with our regular program or supplement as needed with the At Home options.

I hope that you will enjoy and participate in these fitness options as we are after all a community of people working towards higher fitness and health, and the more we keep active together, the better off we'll be in the end!

All the best, and stay strong team!




WARM UP: 4 rounds

ROW 200M


12 plate thrusters (start shallow then add depth as you warm up)

6 cobra to childs pose on mat


5 rounds for time of:

400M Rows

15 Hang Power Snatches, 75/55 lbs

20/15 Hand Release Push-ups

15 V Sit-ups

This is a toughie, grab a mat for outside and a good attitude!

FG: scale barbell as needed, pushups from knees

FG1: adjust round number and exercises/volume as needed

CP1: 95/65

CP2: 115/75


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