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Can West Games 2022 Recap

Hey team, this past weekend we had 8 athletes represent our gym at the CanWest Games over in Coquitlam, it was a very successful weekend, with a lot of firsts and PR’s all around! We had a few where this was their first competition, either as an individual or on a team, or both! We are so very proud of their efforts, and no matter what the leaderboard says, they should all be very proud of their performances. It takes a lot of courage and strength to walk onto the competition floor and can be very nerve racking, but being able to handle those nerves and attack each workout to the best of your abilities is all that matters.

We had 8 athletes total from our gym represent Vic City and a couple former members to join in for the weekend. The atmosphere was awesome, seeing so many people across the community and come together was very much missed over the last couple years of COVID and being surrounded by like-minded people, who are all trying to test their fitness and we all share the same goals and passion of striving to be better, there is truly no atmosphere like it. Seeing old friends from other gyms, and connecting with people we haven’t seen in a long time felt so good, and makes us all excited for what’s to come in the future. This year there were also some huge names present and Elites taking the floor, and being able to see some of the best in the world was also very inspiring. But no matter what level or division on the floor, the crowd was just as loud and the cheering was non stop! There is something electric about the crowd and it makes you feel unstoppable. Hopefully this inspires our athletes and gym members to also take on a competition one day and test themselves, and next year get even more Vic City represented on the floor! Read below on our 8 athletes' finishes and top placing.

Allie was competing in the Intermediate Women’s Division as an Individual and Placed 27th Overall with an 18th being her best finish Overall in Event “In the Trenches”. She also PR’d her Handstand walking, getting 50’ done in a workout for the very first time and even managed to get a couple 10’ increments unbroken!

Carly was competing in the Scaled Women's Division as an Individual and Placed 30th Overall with a 15th being her best finish Overall in Event “In the Trenches”. Carly held her own all weekend, stuck to her game plans, pushed where she could and made the most of the weekend. I can’t wait to see her continue on with her competition journey!

Matty was competing in the Intermediate Men’s Division as an individual and Placed 38th Overall with a best finish of 18th in Event “Punch the Clock”, his last and best one of the weekend! Way to finish strong Matty!

Zeke was competing in the Master’s Rx Division in the Age Group 40-44, and Placed 4th Overall, with a lot of finishes in the top 4, his best Finish was 2nd in Event “HWPO Selection” which ended up being an EMOM of a lot of Barbell Cycling to see who would be the last man standing and was very exciting to see him make it right to the end, and just getting edged out by the Overall winner of the Competition. Way to go Zeke!

Leah and Sam teamed up with former member Chelsea to take on the Intermediate Women’s Trio Division and Placed 11th overall with a best place finish of 4th in Event “Sell Your Soul Cycle”, they cycled a Dumbbell super fast and caught up and passed some teams as the DB got lighter and was so fun to watch. They had plans for each workout and attacked each one the best they could, and had a great weekend and a lot of fun along the way. Hope to see them on the floor again next year!

Abby and Kayla teamed up with former member Erin to take on the Scaled Women’s Trio Division and Placed 6th Overall with a couple 3rd place finishes in Event’s “Punch the Clock” and “In the Trenches”, they stuck to their game plan and moved fast and efficiently where they could, and really pushed the pace for all the teams! Was a lot of fun watching the three of them and they had a phenomenal weeked. Think this competition will make them want more and I’m excited to see them in future events!

Great job again to all our athletes, we loved watching and cheering you on along the way, you made our community so proud! I loved being able to also get to know you all better at the hangout tent, for dinner, and in between events. You all are a great example of what our community is all about and that we truly are a family at Vic City.

I think we are all coming back with motivation on things to work on and use that momentum to keep bettering ourselves and never giving up on our goals. Looking forward to more fun events like this in the future!

Never stop striving for greatness.

Coach Tia



WARM-UP: 3 rounds of

10 Glute Bridges

10 Dead Bugs

5 Hang Muscle Cleans with Empty Barbell

30 Single Skips/Jumping Jacks

STRENGTH: Every 1:30 for 12 mins

2 Hang Power Cleans at 70%

Keep most sets snappy and accurate, aim to have the last 2-3 sets as tough doubles.

PARTNER WOD: “You go, I go style”

4 rounds for time:

250m Row

50’ DB Goblet Walking Lunge (50/35)

14 Alternating V-ups

You go, I go format, so a relay with your partner. One person goes through one full round while the other rests, tag the rowing machine to send the next person off!

FG2: Scale weight of DB, Double crunch sub for V-ups

FG1: No weight Lunges

CP1: DB Overhead, option of ttb sub for V-ups

CP2: 70/50lb DB Overhead


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