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Casual Squatting

NBD, just a casual 616lb squat... from someone not all that big!


WARM UP: 2 x

30 jumping jacks

5 x "the Matrix" per side (see 3:08 of this VIDEO)

5 x cossack squats per side

20-30s kneeling quad stretch

SKILL: Back Squat 5x5 at 75% 1RM Rest 2:30 between sets.

Build from 3 weeks ago, and look to really hit some good weights here if you're feeling good!

WOD: Fast intervals

These are meant to be lighter barbell intervals with amrap of the other movements to finish off. Work fast and smooth with the barbell, aim for unbroken on most if not all. Smooth on the amrap movements too, save some energy for the successive rounds!

2 rounds through the full sequence below, add up all reps of doubles, air squats, and burpees and enter those into BTWB for your score.

1 minute intervals, 2 min rest between:

Thruster 75/55 x 15

Amrap of double unders

Rest 2 min

Power Snatch x 15 @ 75/55

Amrap of air squats

Rest 2 min

Push Press x 15 @ 75/55

Amrap of barhop burpees

Rest 2 min


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