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Change of Plans!

Txomin giving the bar a ride! Photo: Oscar Bravo

Hello all,

I hope you all had the chance to read the email I sent out last night regarding the change from classes to individual workouts (i.e. Open Gym). Although it is not ideal for what we are trying to accomplish fitness and community wise, it allows you to keep moving and keep your bodies and minds in top shape!

Our coaches will be on hand to offer suggestions for workouts, drills for skills, and just generally to help you guys get a great training session in. If you don't know what to do for your workout, chat with the coach and I'm sure they'll have lots of ideas.

In that regard, this time is a great opportunity for you to focus on elements that you want to improve. Each person has strengths and weaknesses so tackle your weaker points now so that when we get back into the full swing of things, you'll be leveled up and ready to go!

Last but certainly not least, be careful and adhere to social distancing, frequent hand washing/sanitizing, and staying out of the gym community if you have ANY symptoms or have done ANY traveling. We want you all to be safe and healthy and these steps are vital.


Given that the recent restrictions have clamped down on class activity, we will not be extending the Intramural competition into the Quarterfinals period. I'll be crunching all the numbers from 21.3 and 21.4 over the next couple of days and I will release all the juicy details in the blog post on Thursday. Great work all round and what a WOD/combo to end the Open on.

Don't forget that some of our intrepid athletes will be moving on to the next part of the competition and we'll let you know who they are once all the dust has settled.

See you soon,





Build a skill or skills and practice them in a format that enables you to get 20-30 reps if its a tough one, 40-60 reps total if you want to make more endurance gains.


Grab a machine and your runners and make some combo of those to get a nice 20-30 min steady aerobic effort in. I'm not saying NURWOR but I'm also not not saying NURWOR!


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