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Coach Tia Blog and Row Test

Kyle O getting after some Thrusters

PC Oscar Bravo

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.”

In CrossFit, we are challenged every day we walk into the gym. How we approach these challenges is up to us. Whether it’s mentally or physically, how we approach the task at hand is going to determine how successful that hour at the gym will be, and how we respond will separate good from great.

This past Monday/Tuesday, we took on the CrossFit total, did you walk in excited? Ready to challenge yourself and hit some heavy weights? Or did the idea of lifting as heavy as you can scare you and left you holding back from your true potential? My outtake is, if it scares you, that’s a good thing! This is an opportunity to get better, to get out of your comfort zone, it also means you care! You have goals, you want to get better, and that’s a good thing. So maybe we don’t always hit the numbers we want to lift, or maybe we are a bit slower then we wanted in a WOD, but how we reflect on that workout is where the growth happens. This is where we learn. Do you think the best of the best just got there from their physical abilities? Do you think they didn’t fail? Of course they failed, they fail over and over again, it’s how they respond to failure that makes them great. The hour we are at the gym, is a chance to better ourselves, and just by showing up, you are already ahead. Have fun with each challenge! I’ve learned this past year that if we are having fun, we like what we’re doing, we accept each challenge and attack them, the results are very rewarding!

If you have certain challenges that feel block you at the gym, write them down, talk to a coach, and find a way to attack them. At VicCity, we are all here to help you be your best self, so lets do it!

Also, if you need some motivation, the Phase 1 of the CrossFit Games is this weekend, you know I will be watching all weekend, here is the link to tune in.

See you in the Gym!

Coach Tia




3 rounds

3 inchworms, 6 cossack squats (3/3), 9 plate ground to overheads


Thursters 5-4-3-2-1

Go every 2:30mins

*build up each set to heaviest weight possible


500m For time

*This is an all out effort, as fast as possible


5 rounds for quality

8 floor press

Rest 1:30

8 bent over barbell rows

Rest 1:30

*Aim for around the same weight for both movements.


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