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Coached Classes Coming!

Maria getting some reps in! Photo: Oscar Bravo

Hey team,

I know it's been a bit of a drag over the past few weeks having to switch to an "individual workout" mode. It was a necessary change to adhere to the provincial health guidelines, and you all have handled it like champs.

Recently, new guidance came out that allows for group "low intensity" exercise. Low intensity exercise can mean a lot of things, but essentially any exercise that can be done without substantial and sustained increases in breathing can be classified as "low intensity".

Now not everyone's low intensity is the same and while one of you who is in great shape can complete a low rep emom without too much trouble, that might be a very high intensity workout for someone off the street.

So what we're going to do is re-introduce coached classes, starting on Saturday Jan 2. We'll still do the same type of strength/skill/muscular endurance work inside, and heavy breathing stuff outside, but we'll have our usual structure of the coach leading the warm up and the flow of the class.

I think this will bring some more motivation and energy to the classes and lord knows we could use some of that to close out this year!

More info will come in the next couple of weeks regarding masks and class capacities, but that depends a lot on how the island and province are doing in terms of COVID cases.

Stay strong, stay positive, and let's crush the last couple days of this year!


PS. There is some "special" 2020 training online for Wed and Thurs... check it out and push those reps out!!


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