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CrossFit Open 2022 Equipment List

Hey all,

CrossFit HQ released the equipment list for the 2022 Open last week, and it gives us a bit of insight into what movements may or may not be in this year's Open:

  • Given that there are no rings listed for Rx / Scaled, we can assume no ring muscle ups... so keep working on your bar muscle ups!

  • Wall space is required so that has traditionally meant handstand pushups, but as we know from last year, this can now include the dreaded wall walks! We'll be putting these into your weekly training to make sure you get some exposure prior to week 1

  • There are NO WALLBALLS (all the tall people are crying)

  • There are NO ROWING MACHINES (the tall people cry some more!)

  • Other than a standard barbell and plates, we have a single DB (snatches, hang clean and jerks, OH lunges, DB step ups are all options here that we've seen in the past)

  • We see a box in the list, so likely box jumps or step ups or some combo of burpees plus either one of those!

So like usual, we don't know what the ACTUAL workouts will be, but there are some indications that certain movements either aren't in there or will be in there. I'll keep putting solid training sessions together for you all to help you prepare!

Also, REGISTRATION IS LIVE for the CrossFit Open and I will be setting up our Affiliate Team on Monday, so get registered and I can add you to our roster. It will be fun and we'll run the workouts as part of the classes, so no excuses not to join in :)




WARM UP: "Flowers" by Moby (Bring sally up)

1 medicine ball clean thruster every time they say "bring sally up" ball remains on the ground between reps

SKILL: Power Clean 5-5-4-4-3-3, rest 2 mins

Build as you go, but make these all TOUCH AND GO

WOD: Open wod 11.6

A classic test and one of the most repeated Open workouts!

CrossFit Games Open 11.6 / 12.5 / 18.5 - Rx'd

As many reps as possible in 7 mins of:

3 Thrusters, 100/65 lbs 3 Chest-to-bar Pull-ups

6 Thrusters, 100/65 lbs 6 Chest-to-bar Pull-ups

9 Thrusters, 100/65 lbs 9 chest to bar pullups, and so on!

FG3: regular pullups

FG2: assisted or jumping pullups, 45-55/65-75

FG1: bar only, ring rows

ACCESSORY (if time allows)

4 rounds for quality of: 8 Single Leg Rdl (Kb/Db)s 10 Ring Rows 12 Bent Over Reverse Flies 14 Hand Release Push-ups

Can sub DB rows or barbell inverted rows in for the ring row


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