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Double WOD challenge

Chris finishing a thruster and not being phased by it! Photo: Oscar Bravo

Hey team,

Friday-Saturday's training brings two distinct challenges - one for max weight (barbell complex) and one for time (wallballs and medball burpees). Most of you will prefer one or the other, but the great part about CrossFit is taking them both on!

For the barbell complex, you have 3 movements to complete within 1 minute: 2 squat clean thrusters, 4 power clean and jerks, and 8 deadlifts. You use the same weight for all 3 movements and build up as heavy as your technique allows over 5 sets.

There is a 2 minute rest between sets, so don't be afraid to push on this a bit. Also, the minute guideline is very generous, so especially at those heavier weights, take a few seconds between lifts to make sure you get them!

The second challenge is all about sustained faster reps. 16 wallballs isn't TOO big of a challenge for those of you who are strong at them, but the 8 medball burpees will interfere quite a bit in terms of breathing and shoulder/leg fatigue.

Take a breath or five between the movements to keep them moving along and to help avoid the later round crash and breakdown!

Have fun team, and as always, log your scores on so you have a record and so your fellow members can see where the targets are set!




WARM UP: 3 rounds

20 jumping jacks or single skips

5 pushup into down dog

10 reverse lunge


5 SETS, each set is - 2 squat clean thrusters + 4 power clean and jerks + 8 deadlifts

You may let go of the bar between reps, just need to get the complex done in 1 minute. 2 minute rest between sets!


5 rounds for time of:

16 Wall Balls

8 Medicine Ball Burpees

For medball burpees - hang onto ball the whole time, including for the "jump" - but do not have to bring the ball overhead when jumping.

Rx: full pushup with hands on the ball

FG3: no pushup burpee with hands on the ball

FG2: no pushup burpee (hands on ground or mat), scale ball weight

FG1: scale movements and reps as needed

CP1: heavy wallballs (20/30)

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