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Fine Tuning

Glen levitating the wallball with his mind! Photo: Oscar Bravo

Hey Team,

This is the week of the 2021 Open! We've done the homework, now its time to turn it in. This last week of training is all about keeping the system running without stressing it out too much. If your hands are sore or starting to rip, just take it easy on the hanging and look for a sub. If your knee is bugging you a bit on squats, do power movements instead.

It's pretty tough to cram for the exam in CrossFit as all the skills need time to develop. So stay focused on recovering well into Friday-Saturday, refine movements where possible, and keep your body feeling supple and well rested.

This week we'll touch on some intensity in lifting and moving on Mon Tues, get in a bit of strength and energy system work on Wed Thurs but generally de-load the body, then target the Open wod Friday through the weekend.

I'm really looking forward to this team, and it's just the thing to get the juices flowing after a tough calendar year of restrictions and change.

Let's get after it!




WARM UP: 6 deadlift, 5 hang power clean, 4 front squat, 3 shoulder to overhead.

Start with the bar then add weight for 4 rounds


There are three "emom" style clean and jerk progressions below that we will work through. Each one ramps the weight up a bit and lengthens the work/rest time. If you are proficient, try to do squat cleans for at least the second and third sections.

EMOM 1: 1 clean and jerk @ 70% E45s for 6 rounds (4:30)

Rest 2 min

EMOM 2: 1 clean and jerk @ 80% EMOM for 6 rounds (6 min)

Rest 2 min

EMOM 3: 1 clean and jerk @ 90% E90s for 4 rounds (6 min) *can go heavier than 90 if lifts go well for the first two rounds

WOD: 4-5 rounds, on a 3 min timer of:

10 hspu, 10 pullups, 5 burpee box jumps

CHOSE REPS THAT YOU CAN DO UNBROKEN OR MAX 2 SETS with a quick re set. Your work should be done under 90 sec.

FG3: half reps of hspu and pullups OR scale rom hspu

FG2: seated db strict press, jumping pullups (can be ctb), step up onto box

FG1: scale as needed

CP1: 15 reps hspu and ctb pullups, 8 burpee bj


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