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Friday Night Lights - Heat Signup and Format


We are just over one week out from Friday Night Lights, and it promises to be an exciting evening to say the least! Not only will we be throwing down a classic workout, but we'll be hanging out with our workout buddies and getting some great food and drinks :)


Similar to in the Open this year, we will be running heats instead of classes. The heats are capped at 15 minutes for the workout, and your heat will start at the specified time on the schedule. This means you should show up at least 15 minutes prior to your heat to ensure that you get a good warm up!

There are 10 minute breaks between heats so the next group can get their hands on the implements for the workout. I expect that most people will not require the full 15 minutes for the wod, so in almost all circumstances, you'll get more than 10 minutes on the floor to warm up. What you should do though is hang out on the side, getting generally warm with some assault bike, mobility, and movement, so that you are ready to get specifically prepped for the workout when you're called.

Given that this will be a leaderboard workout, we'll have judges for all people going for Rx scores, so be ready to assist with judging reps.


Heats will start at 4:15pm and will run until 7:20pm. We will start cracking into the food and drinks around 6pm, at which point there will still be lots of action to take in! I encourage you if you have a heat later than 6 to grab some food and keep it in reserve until after!

We'll likely wrap things up at 8pm or so :)

Food and Drinks

We will have drinks for sale, both alcoholic ($5) and non-alcoholic ($1-2), cash only please!

Food is Potluck style, so bring in a dish to share, doesn't have to be big! Anything small and snacky would be good, and you can check the post on the Facebook members page to see what other people are bringing!


Well, you'll have to guess for now, but it will be one that you love to hate...

So guess away team, and it will be revealed soon!





2 rounds:

• 10 Air Squats

• 10 Arm Hugs

2 rounds:

• 10 Ring Rows


No stress here, just regenerating your legs and getting some practice in of your front squats. Those heavy lifts on Wed Thurs were a big drain on your system, so take it easy on these and just move!

WOD: Partner or Individual Mini Nurwor

With the full wod coming up later in May, a little bit of practice of pacing would be a good idea! Do this solo or roll with a buddy...

3 rounds for time of:

500m row

400m run


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