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Friendly Fran and the Crossfit Games Roster

Hey all!

This past weekend, the CrossFit Games had it's final selection before the onsite Games in Aromas, California. The pool of the top 30 men and 30 women from around the globe was whittled down to just 5. Needless to say it was a hard fought battle and there were some very close finishes!

The events were contested via online video submission - so the athletes had a window of time each day to complete their workouts and submit their videos. This allowed them to perform the workouts at a reasonable time in their local time zone, but made for a little less exciting spectacle than the Rogue Invitational.

The athletes just keep getting better, and these events really showcased that. From unbroken "friendly frans" to amazing paces on the 1k row and huge front squats, the top 30 did not disappoint.

If you want to watch any of the highlights and catch up on the results, head over to and click on the event you want to watch. It's inspiring stuff!

When the dust settled, the top 5 were as follows:


  1. Tia-Claire Toomey

  2. Brooke Wells

  3. Haley Adams

  4. Katrin Davidsdottir

  5. Kari Pearce


  1. Mat Fraser

  2. Noah Olsen

  3. Justin Medeiros

  4. Samuel Kwant

  5. Jeffrey Adler (Can)

So going forwards, we have one Canadian athlete who will attend the Games in October - Jeff Adler - who has had some really strong finishes in the past year and looks to be getting stronger as he goes. The men's side is filled up with all US athletes, whereas the women have one Australian (Toomey) and one Icelandic athlete (Davidsdottir) in the lineup.

The on-site Games will be an amazing event I have no doubt as with that small of an athlete pool, there really is no limitation on the type and scope of the events that can be programmed. Stay tuned for info on that!

For Monday - Tuesday, we get to take on one of the workouts from this past weekend, Friendly Fran! It's not so friendly, so be careful with your scaling... especially since the reps don't decrease like the original Fran!!

See you soon and good luck,




WARM UP: 3 rounds

10 slow alternating spider mans

10 double leg glute bridge

5-10 pushups

10 russian Kbs


As we work towards testing the clean and snatch, this session will help you refine your coordination on the clean and your timing and position in the jerk.

Warm up and then hold the same weight (or close to it) across all sets, approx 75% of your best recent Clean and Jerk would be good.

7 x 1 of hang clean and 2 split jerks, E2M

WOD: "Friendly Fran"

With your legs and shoulders warmed up, take on this wonderful test of thrustering and pulluping! If you prefer, you may take on regular "Fran" also.

12 min cap!

Rx: 3 rounds for time of -

21 thrusters (75/115) and CTB Pullups

FG3: 65/95 and regular pullups

FG2: 55/75, jumping CTB

FG1: Scale bar as needed, ring or barbell rows or jumping pullups


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