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Games on!

Coach Kristjan walking the walk on his way to a 330lb Back Squat PR! Photo: Oscar Bravo

Well, it's game on for sure this week team! We're three days in and there have been a ton of pr's and great efforts across the first three challenges.

The back squat we've been building towards really went well for most of you, with some amazing increases in the 10-20lb range for many people. This is a testament to your dedication and perseverance over the past 7 weeks of our Back Squat program. It is so great to look on beyond the whiteboard and see so many pr 'lightning bolts'!

The Shoulder to Overhead max reps in 1 minute was definitely spicy and you guys did a great job of staying pretty strong technically. It's that weird blend of being a long time to bang out reps but short enough that rests had to be carefully managed!

Getting outside for the wallball - snatch wod probably wasn't your favorite moment this week so far, but many of you did appreciate getting to elevate heart rate and breathing after all that "mask on" training inside. Given that we haven't been doing too much in terms of metcon lately, I was pretty impressed with the consistency over the 10 minutes.

For the tail end of this week, we have the gymnastics challenge (also tough with 1 min bouts of work), then another strength movement and another outdoor metcon. Make sure you are all treating yourselves well, eating good food, hydrating, and getting enough sleep! These things are great at all times but especially important when hitting such high intensity.

Keep it up team, I'm really liking the extra excitement this week!



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