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Games - Sleighed!

Tash putting in the work in Event 5, under the watchful eye of Coach Andy!

PC: Oscar Bravo

Hey all,

The dust has settled on a pretty exciting week in the gym. Things haven't been "normal" for a long time, and I think we all needed a bit of a boost in morale this month. I'm really happy with how much participation there was in our informal Reindeer Games, and how much support and enthusiasm came out of it. Congratulations to all of you for making it a pretty special week.

We saw tons of back squat prs come out early, and bookended with week with hang clean prs also. The metcons were tough, perhaps especially so given the recent training restrictions, but you hit them hard with strong effort.

I think several people also surprised themselves with their rep totals on the gymnastics 1 minute challenges, which was a lot harder than it looked on paper!

All told we had competitors across all divisions, with the Rx groups being particularly large and competitive! I'm planning on running a similar competition early in February as a tune up for the Open, so hopefully even more people will jump in and give it a go.

One thing that really stuck out to me was how close many scores were. It just goes to show that the saying "every second counts" is completely true in crossfit. We saw ties in many of the strength lifts, metcon scores only 1 rep or 1 second apart, and tons of close finishes on points. As we move forwards and prepare for the CrossFit Open in March, keep in mind that every little bit of time, weight, or reps can make a huge difference in your placings!

Here's how the divisions turned out! First through third get prizes and you can pick them up in the office at any time :)

Scaled - a tough battle across both female and male, with mostly first time competitors! Well done all

Rx - a couple of huge divisions here, with lots of competitive scores and close finishes!!

CP - a couple of small competitive groups with BIG numbers!

Well done to one and all yet again. It was a great week with tons of excitement and good honest effort. See you soon and get ready for the next one!

Coach Cam

Holiday Hours Reminder

Thursday Dec 24: 545am, 6, 7, 815, 930, 12 noon

Friday Dec 25: Closed

Sat Dec 26: 730am, 845, 10

Thursday Dec 31: 545am, 6, 7, 815, 930, 12 noon

Friday Jan 1: Closed

Sat Jan 2: Regular hours (730am, 845, 10)


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