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Goals Focused

All over the crossfit world, there are goal boards like these!

Hey all,

When most of you posted your goals for this period of the year, you put in the end date of August 31st... which was close enough to create some urgency but far enough away to provide you with some time to work on those skills. Well, the 31st isn't so far away any more and it's time to buckle down!

There are a few ways to tackle building your skills, all of which can be implemented between now and the end of the month (or the next month and so on):

  1. If your skill shows up in the skill or wod portion of the daily training, put a bit extra effort into that part. For example, if my goal is to hit 10 handstand pushups and hspus come up as a skill, maybe manipulate the sets and reps to get a good warm up followed by an all out set to get them done. Likewise if your target skill is in a wod, see if you can push your effort there by increasing difficulty or going for larger sets. Just remember to dial back the other components so you don't get overwhelmed.

  2. Get a PT session with one of our coaches... you can spend an hour of quality work on your goal movement, gain insight into drills and movements to assist it, and also work on other target skills!

  3. Use Open Gym time to get some extra reps in. Check ahead in Beyond the Whiteboard to see what the week of training looks like. After that, you can target the right day to add your skill work in.

  4. Watch videos online from or other trusted resources to find the best progessions on your skills... then your practice will be even more focused next time.

You can of course opt to extend your deadline for your goal due to injury or other issues coming up... but if you CAN, try to keep yourself focused on the goal you set out. Even if you almost get it, you'll be making progress that you wouldn't have made if you had let it slip.

Good luck and work hard!






Can build - 3 sets moderate (70-80%), 3 sets harder (80-90%), 2 sets with whatever you have left (or hold 80-90)

WOD: Push the Row

This is a unique wod in that the push press weight ramps up each interval as the reps go down. Really try to hammer the push press to give yourself time on the rowing machine to accumulate calories. This is not a long workout, so each round should be close to maximum effort.

2 minute intervals with 2 minutes rest in between

Round 1: 20 push press (55/75), AMRAP row calories in the remaining time

Rest 2 min

Round 2: 15 push press (65/95), AMRAP row calories in the remaining time

Rest 2 min

Round 3: 10 push press (75/115), AMRAP row calories in the remaining time

Rest 2 min

Round 4: 5 SHOULDER TO OVERHEAD (95/135), AMRAP row calories in the remaining time

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