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Helen Benchmark and Covid Update

Here we go gang!

Helen is a classic classic and one of my favorite all time workouts. Simple in construction yet deviously tough to get the right pacing, Helen will tax your running, your arms, and your grip. It is one of the original "girl" named CrossFit workouts and tens of thousands of people have taken it on. Now it's your chance!

Here's a great video of OG beast James Fitzgerald taking it on and trying to break 7 minutes!

Many people look at the run in Helen as being recovery between the rounds of kettlebell swings and pullups however to really optimize your time, you have to push the pace on the runs also. This is increasingly the case as you look to get under 10 minutes.

Managing fatigue in your forearms is a big challenge in this workout. Don't deathgrip the kettlebell swings or go to complete grip fatigue early in the wod. Utilize a "flat arc" kettlebell swing to keep your swings fast and efficient.

Pullups will be a big separator in Helen also - but given that you're going right into the run afterwards, push the pace as much as you can by doing big sets (or unbroken) and hope for recovery as you complete the 400m.

Good luck gang, and as always, log your scores in BTWB!!




So we're moving forward... ever so slightly! A couple of highlights of the new guidelines are as follows:

  1. Now any and all wods can be done INSIDE... however you still have to wear a mask so most of you will find better comfort and performance by doing AMRAP movements outside in the breezeway!

  2. We will increase our class capacity by just 1 person to 8 people total. We hope in July there will be more leeway with spacing around the rigs, which should enable us to bump up numbers further. This class capacity change will take place on Monday June 21.

That's about it team... nothing too groundbreaking but if we continue on this trend then July could really open up some great possibilities in the gym. Stay strong!





Back Squat 8-8-6-6-4-4

Rest 2 mins between sets.

Aim to build from last time (3 weeks ago!) Build as you go but not to max!


Rx: 3 rounds for time of - 400m run, 21 kettlebell swings (35/53), 12 pullups

FG2: kettlebell weight 18-26/35-44, jumping pullups OR ring rows

FG1: Adjust run distance to 200-300m, scale as needed

CP Helen

3 rounds for time of: Run, 400 m 20 Kettlebell Snatches, 53/35 lbs 8/4 Ring Muscle-ups


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