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Well team, the dust has settled, the quads have recovered, and the Open already seems like a long way behind us... and the Intramural results are in!!

Now I have to say that I had great optimism about the Intramurals in terms of score submissions, and even though our Open enrolment was down this year, you all did a solid job of getting your scores in. Each team generally had a spread of scores from rookie to masters to scaled to Rx, and it was great seeing so many names on the leaderboards helping out their teams!

I had to adjust the scoring in week 1 a bit, but I believe the change still resulted in an accurate assessment of the winning team each week. For 21.4 (the barbell complex) I included as many scores as possible as I figured everyone was RX in that event!!

Here's how the final week shook down... with some interesting placings! Kristjan's Crusaders were 4th in 21.3 but then 1st in 21.4. The reverse was true for Tia's Troops, who smashed the wod but then came 4th in the lift. Cam's commandos were a solid 2nd in both the wod and lift, and then Anditos' Banditos were third across the board in the last week.

Here are the last week's scores:


Here we go team - well I guess there will be some accusations flying after my team took first but the draw was random!! I swear it was!!

With solid finishes (1st or 2nd) across all weeks, Cam's Commandos finished in first place. The battle for 2-4th was very tight though with only two points separating all teams. Well done all, and congratulations on a really exciting and fun competition.

Our task now as a group is to get stronger, more skilled, more mobile, and more fit... so that next year we boost ourselves to a higher level and spice up the competition even more.

Before that though, we will be cheering on some of our members who have made the next stage of competition... so stay tuned for that!




Take a peek at the leaderboards and see if you can take one of the scores down...

Or, right now is a great chance to do one of three things:

  1. Do what seems like the most "fun" for you. We had a big stressor in the form of the Open so sometimes its just good to relax and do something you want to do!

  2. Work on weaknesses... if it's your aerobic system, do something longer than 15 minutes. If it's strength, do three movements focusing on strength development

  3. Work on your mobility or accuracy in movements. Slow things down, try to learn a new skill or refine one you already have... do mobility exercises in between to see how they improve your positioning...

Or, check beyond the whiteboard and see what's on there ;)


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