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Intramural Recap... and what now?

that was easy... now time to look for what's next!

Hey all,

The Intramural scores are all in and it was a fun new format this year. In the previous few years, we had broken up the membership randomly into teams, which while being pretty fair overall, didn't allow team members to compete as much alongside each other. This year, with teams grouped by class times, each member usually had most of their class on the same team, which helped build some solid cameraderie and support through the Open.

We weren't sure how many sign ups we would have this year, as we're still in recovery mode from the pandemic. It was amazing to see that a full 52 people signed up for the Open. While still short of our all time high of about 75 people, given the circumstances this was an incredible turn out.

The scoring system was new too, and to be honest, it could use some tweaks! The biggest discrepancy is on recording of who wore what colors on the competition days... and given that this was part of the score, if there were errors, it cost your team. We'll work on the scoring for next round for sure to make sure we keep improving the system!

Overall, there was some solid team spirit across the groups, with Team Green really showing through in the last two weeks (especially with those cupcakes last Friday night!). Team Blue was solid also, with the team headbands on display through the Open. Here is how the last week scores panned out:

The overall score comes down to combined placings over the three weeks:

And with two f1st place finishes and one second place finish, it is TEAM BLUE (Friday 515/630pm) that brings home the title this time around! Congratulations to them and good fight across the board from the other teams. I'm going to have to settle for not winning this time around, so it definitely IS time to change up the scoring!


You may be wondering what happens now? Did anyone advance to the next stage? Are there other chances for competing coming up? Well here are some answers to those questions!

We had a number of competitors finish in the top 10% of their categories, which means that they will advance on to the Quarterfinals, and/or Age Group Qualifiers. The Quarterfinals and AGQ are another online based stage of the CrossFit Games, with the former happening over the weekend from Thursday March 24 to Sunday March 27th. There will be three days of competition, and likely 6 events in total over that one weekend!

Here are our advancing athletes:

Tia Black

Michelle Birtwell (also qualified in women 35-39 age group)

Connor Newberry

Lucas Parker

Phil Reaume

Zeke Cabell (also qualified in men 40-44 age group)

This intrepid crew will be preparing for higher skill, higher volume, and heavier weight events in the Quarters and will be pushed to their limits if last year was any indication! They may well post when they're going to take on some of the workouts so if you're around to cheer them on that would be fantastic!

The Age Group Qualifiers take place in April, so Michelle and Zeke have some time to get prepped up for those.

For the rest of us, there are a few important things on the horizon, that I'll bring up now and remind you later:

THE CANWEST GAMES which is the premiere large scale competition in Western Canada, is set to go again this July. They have categories for basically anybody and their dog, including teams, pairs, scaled, intermediate etc. We usually send a pretty solid crew over to this event, and it really is something just to go and watch (or compete with your friends), so check out the online qualifiers which run from April 4th to 14th, 2022.

Our annual MURPH CHALLENGE will happen on Sunday May 29 2022. Murph is an iconic workout that we take on not only for the huge physical challenge, but also to raise money for a charitable organization.

We will be revamping our in gym leaderboards with all new, fresh wods to establish best scores. I'll be sending around a form for voting on this next week, so vote for your favorite wods or movements!

Lastly, I'm planning on running a Vic City Games in late April/Early May, which is our own in house competition, and most likely will be a PAIRS event.

So there is LOTS to look forward to and continue to train towards. Thank you everyone for pitching in and making the Open 2022 a fun and memorable one.

See you soon,




WARM UP: 5 minutes of Cindy (5 pullups/ring rows, 10 pushups, 15 squats)

Skill: FRONT SQUAT 5 X 5 E2M

start light, go easy, just practice. Build to a technically perfect 5


In the first 5 minute period, complete ONE round of:

7 hang power cleans

35 double unders

7 toes to bar.

In the second 5 minute period, complete TWO rounds of:

7 hang power cleans

35 double unders

7 toes to bar.

The "death by" is not increasing REPS it is increasing ROUNDS of the following: 7 hang power cleans 35 double unders 7 toes to bar. So in the first 5 minutes, you do ONE round of that, and rest the remainder. In the second 5 minutes, you do TWO rounds of 7-35-7, and rest the remainder. Continue to add one round each 5 minute period up to 6 (30 minutes) or once you can't complete the reps!

FG3: 65/95, 15 hanging knee raise, 15 double unders

FG2: 45-55/65-75, 7 hanging knee raise, 35 singles

CP1: 95/135

CP2: 105/155

Record the round you got to - i.e. if you completed the third period, then note that as your score and any other reps in the comments


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