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Intramural scores - slight delay!

The incredible Don L getting wall walks done! Photo: Oscar Bravo

Hey Team,

Apologies but it will be a bit longer until we get the Intramural scores for week 1 all sorted out. With a different scoring system, we're just making sure that we have all the right pieces in place to fully honour all of your efforts!

Stay tuned for an email about Week 1, and start guessing what might come out this week!




3 min bike, rotating between 30s legs, 30s arms, 30 sec both

30 jumping jacks

Kneeling quad stretch x 45 sec

5 inchworms + pushup


Rotate E2M to the next station. The goal here is quality work with slower and more precise movements for everything except for the bike!

Every 2 mins for 40 mins, alternating between:

5 Deadlifts, 55% 1RM

10/7 Assault Bike Calories

10 Pistol + 30 Double Under

10 Ring Row + Push Ups

Deadlifts should be LIGHT to MODERATE and smooth. Assault bike should be a SPRINT, should take 25-30 seconds. If you're below 25 seconds, add cals. If you're above 30s AND are actually sprinting, drop down cals. Can sub reverse lunge for the pistol squats (especially if you have sore knees). 10 ring rows (challenging, hard set) plus 10+ pushups


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