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Intramurals Week 1!

9:30am dad class reunion for 21.1! Photo: Oscar Bravo

Hello Team!

Late post since I spent the last couple of hours trying to sort out the best way to score each week... It turns out that although the teams are relatively balanced in terms of numbers, the participation from each team roster was quite varied!

My original plan of collecting the best Rx, Scaled, Masters, and Rookie scores just wasn't going to be fair to some of the teams with lower participation. So after a lot of thought and trying different combos of scores, I think the best way to score the weeks is by the average of the qualifying scores.

So each week, we'll take the top two mens and womens rx, same for scaled and for masters, and tack on a rookie score. If a team doesn't have a score in a given category, its okay, as the average will be of the scores that qualify!

ACROSS THE BOARD, WE NEED MORE SCALED SCORES COMING IN! If you are doing the workouts scaled, fill out the scoresheet, it could help your team a lot!

There were some very strong performances across the board in week 1, with a unique movement that demanded a ton of core strength, upper body strength and endurance, and double under skill. We had people take on the workout at three different levels (Fundamentals, Scaled, and Rx) and it was great to see you all do such incredible work.

Congratulations to those of you who did your first official Open workout! It's quite the experience to say the least, and puts new interest and motivation into your training.

Without further ado, here are the placings for week 1!

1st place: Cam's Commandos (AVG - 372.2 reps)

2nd place: Tia's Troops (AVG - 344.6 reps)

3rd place: Andito's Banditos (AVG - 320.17 reps)

4th place: Kristjan's Crusaders (AVG - 317.9 reps)



WARM UP: 3 rounds

16 alternating glute march

8 plank t rotations

8 barbell good mornings


Choose your skill today. If you're feeling a bit beat up in the shoulders, take on some deadlifts. If your back is a bit tight, then do the shoulder to overhead!

Option 1: Deadlift 5 x 5 @ 65-75% E2M

Aim to keep the weight about the same the whole time

Option 2: Shoulder to Overhead (from a rack) 5 x 5 E2M

Practice push press or push jerk, build to a tough but smooth set of 5

WOD: EMOM rotations

The goal here is to get in some practice reps of key movements. Aim to work at about a 7-8/10 effort... save the 10/10 for Friday or Saturday!

Rotate each minute for 4 rounds total:

DB snatch x 10 (50/35)

Toes to bar x 10

Box Jumps x 10

Front rack DB walking lunge x 50'

Rest 1 min

Scale weight of db and reps as needed! Start at different stations to keep social distancing.


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