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Introducing Vic City Nutrition!

Hey team!

It’s been a long-term goal of Vic City to enlist a Nutrition program for individuals in and outside of our gym. We understand that effective fitness training PLUS a solid nutrition plan is the best combination for optimal health and performance.

Sustainable and sensible nutrition strategies create the foundation for your daily energy, the building blocks of your body's tissues, and recovery from training and life stress. Enter Vic City Nutrition!

Over the past few weeks we have slowly rolled out our VCN Program. We wanted to have a “soft opening” where we were taking on clients through word of mouth and email enquiries, which worked really well! We have some limited spots available, and wanted to share a little bit about our program and what we are offering.

Coach Meg, Heather and Kirst have been working together to build a program based on our philosophies that nutrition is individual and built on a foundation of healthy habits. Through a thorough intake process and consultation, we get to understand what your goals are and together find an approach that will work into your life. You shouldn’t have to change your lifestyle to fit your nutrition, you should fit your nutrition to match your lifestyle!

Based on your goals, exercise activity, exercise type, and lifestyle, we will set up an individualized program.

What makes our program different is offering options for check-ins based on your preference and need for accountability.

Option 1 - weekly email check ins

Option 2 - 30 minute virtual check ins every 2 weeks with bi-weekly progress emails

Option 3 - monthly 30 minute virtual check ins

Each coach has their own background, approach, and experience with nutrition. The beauty about this trio is they also all coach at Vic City! You can find out more about each coach in their bio. Currently, Coach Heather and Coach Kirst have 2 spots available each, and Coach Meg is currently taking a waitlist. Don’t hesitate to contact each coach if you have any questions or want to learn more about them!

Not ready to jump right into a full nutrition coaching program just yet? Well over the coming weeks, months, (and years!!) we'll be posting more and more nutrition content to build healthy habits and support performance.

See you soon,

Megan, Kirst, and Heather




2 rounds:

10 light medball slams

8 medball squats

6 med ball no pushup burpees

Mobility drill of coaches choice

SKILL: Thruster 5 x 3 E2M

Build as you go but think of them as "heavy practice" and priming for the wod! Take the bar from a rack.

WOD: Split Jackie

2 rounds for time of: Row, 500 m 25 Thrusters, 45/35 lbs 15 Pull-ups

This one's all about hitting the right pace! The full Jackie workout split into two rounds :). Due to having half the volume each round, you can afford to go out a bit harder in the first round than you would in normal Jackie.

FG2: Jumping Pullups

FG1: Training bar or light dumbbells

CP1: 55/75, ctb

CP2: 65/95, ring MU x 3/7


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