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Kipping HSPU tips!

Hey team,

If you're starting to get into kipping hspu or are already doing them, chances are you're looking for ways to get better. In class, our coaches will come around and check on what you're doing, giving some important pointers for both safety and efficiency.

It does help to check out other resources prior to coming in though. This way you can check off the basics by yourself and then your coaches advice will take you that much further. Take a look a the video below that discusses 4 faults when people are working on kipping handstand pushups.

Coming in with a bit more preparation and knowledge goes a long way in CrossFit, and not just for handstand pushups. All of the skills we work on both inside and outside of wods are improved with practice (and practice of the right things!). So don't be afraid to check out official instructional videos or other videos from proficient coaches to bump up your skill level.

See ya soon!




WARM UP: 3 x

3 inchworm plus pushup

6 band pull aparts

9 air squats


Every 3 mins for 21 mins do:

5 Handstand Push-ups

7 Pull-ups

25 Double Unders

Lots of options here, but the goal is basically unbroken reps for all 7 rounds. Your max reps for each movement should be at least double the wod reps to make this happen!

FG3: Scaled rom hspu or 1 wall walk or 20sec hs hold

FG2: HR pushups x 2 (can be scaled), jumping pullups, 25 single skips

Fg1: scale as needed

CP1: add 1 rep to the hspu and pullups each round

CP2: 7 ctb pullups, 5 strict hspu, 40 du

CP3: sub 5 bar or ring MU in for the pullups


5 rounds for quality of:

10 T Rotating Planks

12 Bulgarian Split Squats

14 V Sit-ups

16 Band Tricep Push Downs

If time allows! planks and bulgarians are total reps, so do half on one side and half on the other


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