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Leaderboard Aerobic!

Abby cruising! Photo: Oscar Bravo

And now for something completely different... an all aerobic leaderboard workout!

I designed this workout in 2010 or 2011 and it's been a staple in our programming each summer. It's pretty simple, but all the tough ones are! This workout will challenge your ability to pace the efforts on the row and run to get your best overall result. Go too hard on one, and you may crash and burn... go too easy on either and your time will suffer :)

Try to minimize transition time between the run and row, and commit to a quick turnaround at the 200m halfway point of the runs. The times for this workout will likely be in the 20-26 minute range for most people. You're going to feel it, but everyone else will too!

Good luck and have fun




WARM UP: 10 min flow

4 laps shuttle run

2/side samson stretch

4/side prone scorpions

6/side gentle calf stretch in plank position (alternate pressing heels down towards floor)


The beast is back... and is a leaderboard effort.

5 rounds for time of:

Row 500m

Run 400m

Scale to

Row 300

Run 300


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