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Leaderboard Revamp!

A dude with his name on a lot of leaderboards - Chris Van Steelandt. Photo - Oscar Bravo

Hey Team,

It's time to re-do our in gym leaderboards, which means we literally wipe the slate clean and get some new workouts, names, and scores up there! I think it's a good idea that you all share a bit in your fate, so I've put together a survey for you to vote for your favorites from several categories (Classic Wods, Open wods, Strength, and Monostructural endurance wods).

There's also a section at the bottom for you to recommend a favorite that isn't on the voting form, so we'll see if a bunch of you have the same lurker fave wod that we can put up. Once we've got the voting sorted, we'll remove the old scores and have a great few weeks of taking on the new ones. We'll re-visit them through the year so you can aim to take down the top dogs or to better your own scores from earlier.

HERE is the link to the survey, please complete it in the next couple of days, i.e. you might as well do it immediately so you don't forget :)



Also, some of you may have noticed that the push press class registration app isn't working that well on your phone. The best thing to do is to uninstall the app, restart your phone, then reinstall it... and that should sort it out. Worst comes to worst and it is still acting up, let us know, and also, show up to the class you want to train in, and we'll make it work for now!




Strength: Bench Press 5 x 3 E2M

Build as you go. If you are comfortable sharing a bench then do so, if not, you can do floor press!

WOD: Escalating rep AMRAP

AMRAP in 12 min of escalating reps (6/6, 9/9, 12/12) of:

Deadlift (125/185)

Assault Bike calories

Go smooth and moderate effort on this one, not max speed! Treat it as strength training under some fatigue. Note the option of including hspu for CP (or can add in at Rx also if you are proficient)

FG3: 105/155

FG2: 75-95/115-135

FG1: scale as needed

CP1: 155/225, add hspu in each round

CP2: 185/265, strict hspu

Accessory (if time allows):

3 rounds for quality of -

10 db curl and press

10 ring rows

10 Double db reverse lunges (5/leg)


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