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Level 2 with Coach G

Coach G (Far Left) and the Level 2 Group at Crossfit NewWest over the long weekend.

I was lucky enough to spend my BC long weekend testing myself mentally as a coach and physically as an athlete; I completed my Crossfit Level 2 Seminar at Crossfit New West. I was humbled (and inspired) by the difficulty and simplicity of the dowel work they instructed. I was impressed by how much the instructors slowed things down and focused on the basics thus challenging my body in purposeful new ways.

It was an invigorating weekend in terms of overall coaching. We learned new techniques, cues and approaches to our movements. Most importantly, we learned how we can utilize our coaching skills in the gym to positively impact our lives outside the gym. It was great to meet other coaches from around the province. Each coach was able to share their experience of how they see movement, nutrition, management and overall gym culture. I appreciated having the time to understand how each coach's unique approach can cater to the overall health of each affiliate.

I'm excited to implement some new tools and tactics to help you all move better and attain your goals. Let's whip out some dowels!

See you in the gym,

Coach G.




3 rounds

5 dowel dislocates

5 med ball cleans

5 HR pushups

5/5 Single leg deadlift (no weight)


2 Back Squats (75% of your heaviest 2 reps from last week!)

Every Minute On The Minute x10mins

If you go too heavy you'll get mashed!!

Keep them smooth and powerful go lighter if you need to


25min AMRAP


7 Handstand pushups 9 Pullups

11 Box Jumps (24/20)

13 American Kb Swings (53/35)

200m Run

FG3: sub shortened ROM hspu OR 2 wallwalks for hspu

FG2: hs hold or Wall walk hold (low) 20 sec sub for hspu, scale kb weight and box height

FG1: front plank hold or db press sub for hspu, step ups

CP1: strict hspu, ctb pullups

CP2: strict deficit (25/45), 6 bar or ring MU, 14 kb snatch (53/35)


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