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Marching towards the Open

Hey team!

I hope your holidays have been fantastic and you are looking forwards to New Years Eve... perhaps 2021 will have a bit more good things happening than 2020 offered up!

A new year also brings a new chance to take on the worldwide phenomenon known as the CrossFit Open. The Open is an online competition in which people from all over the world compete in the same workouts. The goal this coming year is to get 500,000 participants, which makes the Open a very unique and exciting event to take part in.

The Open offers up two levels of competition, Scaled and Rx and the goal really is to get as many people participating as possible. Although this is the first step in finding the competitors for the worldwide CrossFit Games, the vast majority of us compete just to push ourselves and have fun! We typically run the workouts as part of our weekly programming so there's not really any excuse for not getting involved!

The CrossFit Open usually runs for 5 weeks, starting in February. This coming year has a few key changes.

1. The Open will kick off on March 11, and the initial stage will be 3 weeks long instead of 5

2. The top 10% of all competitors will move on to the next two weeks of competition

3. Gyms will compete again as affiliate teams, meaning that only people from the same gym can be on the same team. This is different than recent years, where "superteams" could be formed by athletes from across countries

4. For the first time ever, there will be an adaptive athlete division, which is an exciting move for the future and level of inclusion of the sport of fitness

Registration starts on January 7, so mark your calendar. Stay up to date by regularly visiting stay tuned to our blog, or even sign up for email updates via the CrossFit Games website.

Our recent strength block has been great for setting a good foundation going forwards. The next phase we'll enter will be focusing on the olympic lifts and CrossFit specific strenght, as well as bringing up our metcon abilities!

It should be a great challenge for us all, so get your motivation socks on and lets get cracking.



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