Matty's Challenge WOD!

Hey Team,

So we've got another challenge to take on and this one is very unique. Two challenging movements, low reps, but high degree of mobility and shoulder/arm endurance... it's Matty's "ring my bell" WOD!

He does such a good job of explaining it in the video below, so I'll leave you with that!

Give it a go :)






Take a look back a couple of weeks and aim to bump up a little bit on one, two, or more of the sets. Don't strain for too much though, keep things tight and upright!

WOD OPTION 1: Ring My Bell

Rx: 9-6-3

Single arm db snatches (35/50)

Single arm OH squats (35/50)

Finish both movements before moving on to the next arm or set!

FG3: Scale weight to 20/35

FG2: Sub front squat (single DB) for the OH squat

FG1: Do single DB clean and jerks instead of snatches and front squat instead of OH squat

CP: Do it with a Kb 35/53 for added challenge!


Every 2:30 for 15 mins do: 10 Handstand Push-ups 12 Toes-to-bars 32 Double Unders

These intervals require speed and accuracy to get through. Choose reps and scaling that allow you to do the movements in 1-2 sets each round (maybe more in the last couple).

This is 6 rounds in total! If you want more rest, you can go every 3 minutes :)

FG3: Scale ROM on hspu, cut double unders in half

FG2: Seated DB strict press or hspu on box, hanging knee raise, single unders

FG1: as above, scale weight as needed

CP: strict hspu, 15 ttb

CP2: as above, DU must be unbroken, if not, repeat in the same interval until they're done!