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Max Test Week!

Coach Kristjan going to max on back squat! PC: Oscar Bravo


Many of you have been doing some solid strength work on a weekly basis for the deadlift, front squat, and push press. Now the time has come to try out some max lifts in those three movements. Of course, you can do whatever you want with your time in the gym at the moment, but if you've been progressing well, why not give a max a shot?

A few things to think about as you're building up to a max attempt:

  1. Base your expectations off your recent efforts. We've been cracking away for about 6 weeks now and so you should have an idea of what you would be able to lift ... at least for your first attempt. Aim to plan out your attempts so that the jumps make sense!

  2. Trust your body - both ways. If you're feeling a bit nervous about a max attempt, trust that your body has built strength and tolerance over the past weeks of training. It should be able to withstand the rigours of a well executed max lift since we've done so much in the lead up. In contrast, if you don't feel good, then listen to your body and maybe choose another day to aim for your max.

  3. Don't do 15 attempts. Do a couple of sets of 5, then a couple of sets of 3 before going into singles. If a lift is 6/10 or so, bump the weight up by 10-20lb, make smaller jumps as you get closer to max. You want to get to your max with as much specific warm up but as little fatigue as possible.

  4. Enjoy the process and encourage others! We still work out in the same gym, even though "classes" aren't running at the moment... I'm sure there will be lots of solid lifts so don't be afraid to cheer on your buddies!

As always, keep fit and have fun,




WARM UP: 5-7 min amrap

8 lunges

4 pushups

12 light american swings

24 single skips or 12 jumping jacks

12 alternating leg raise planks


Build to a 1 rm in the Deadlift. Keep as good form as possible, and make sure to warm up well prior to starting, especially if doing this early in the am or after a long day of sitting!

Recommended: 5-5-3-3-1-1-1... at progressively heavier weights. Keep the 5's and 3's very smooth and once you start to feel like you're at a 7/10 for the 3's, switch to 1's.

Take your time... some of you stronger people may take upwards of 20-25mins. Good luck!


Choose this work if you're not up to a wod style workout (which you may not be after the max test!)... but also feel free to get your own cardio work in!

5 rounds for quality of:

12 Dumbbell Reverse Lunges

8 Dumbbell Curl + Press

15 Bent Over Reverse Flies

Work through for quality reps! You can use the same DB's for the first two exercises although it may be too light for lunges and too heavy for db curl and press...

Bent over reverse flyes should be light (5-15lb) and focus on keeping upper traps relaxed as you pull shoulder blades together.


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