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Member of the Month - Abby Hendy!

Friday night lights!! Photo - Oscar Bravo

Abby joined us last May and I knew right away she was going to be a long-term member of our community when one of her first classes I coached her I noticed she was smiling while doing a running workout. I could tell she loved the push and was going to fit in with our community right away. Her first introduction to the gym was with school, when one of the Camosun Classes came in for a taste of CrossFit, and she told me she was interested in it right away. As coaches we have loved watching Abby progress over the last year. Her engine always has stood out, always pushing the pace on the machines and any running workout, and she always knows how to grind! This past Open pushed her into Rx’ing the workouts which started with using a 35 lb Dumbbell for the first time! And she made it look easy, and had one of the higher female scores in the gym! It didn't stop there, she Rx’d the Deadlift workout, making that the first time she had done 155 in a WOD and that many times! And last but not least, going after her first Rx kipping Pull-ups! Her hands maybe didn’t like it as much haha but she officially became a true CrossFitter with the Ripped hands. The competitive part has definitely driven her, and she has now joined a Team of Three for the CanWest Qualifiers! She is a regular member in our 5:15pm class. Read below to learn more about her!

What is your background in Fitness/sport?

I've always had a love for playing, watching, and being around sports and fitness! I played basketball for 10 years, but stopped playing after high school. I then played team handball for a couple years for the Alberta provincial team. I've always preferred team environments, which is why I love group fitness style classes so much! I am currently completing a degree in athletic & exercise therapy, where I plan to use my background in athletics and fitness throughout my future career.

When did you start CrossFit/At Vic City?

I started CrossFit in May 2021, and am definitely going to celebrate my 1-year anniversary coming up (probably by going to my usual 5:15 class)

How many CrossFit Opens have you done?

I just knocked off my first Open, and can't wait to tackle many more!

Favourite memories in the gym?

One of my favorite memories was during the Open workouts this year, getting to see how hype the environment was, and how supportive everyone was of each other over the entire 3 weeks. The energy was amazing, and it was really cool to be a part of! I'll also always remember getting my first pull-ups in the 3rd workout of the Open, and absolutely destroying my hands in the process as a rite of passage.

What is your favourite movement?

Front squats

Least favourite?

Definitely thrusters

Favourite WOD or type?

I really like the short and sweet workouts, and anything that's for time-quick and dirty!! I'm also happy when running is involved.

What do you enjoy the most about CrossFit?

My favorite thing about CrossFit is the wide variety of movements and the different types of workouts. I love that it challenges both strength and cardio constantly, while also challenging technique. I really like that it's the type of fitness that you can always work to get better at in some way or another, no matter where you're at.

Most recent achievement that you are proud of?

Surprising myself and RX'ing 2/3 of the Open WODS! I wouldn't have even thought of trying them RX if it weren't for the other members and coaches!

What goals are you working towards right now?

I'm hoping to improve my gymnastic movements, especially pull ups! As well as to start trying all of the RX workouts in class, even when it means I might get a slower time or decrease reps. I'm excited to see what's in store for the next upcoming year!

Abby, your drive to get better and learn new movements and challenge yourself is what I’ve admired about you right from the get go. You’re a great example to many for trusting the process, learning movements step-by-step and being patient. You always ask questions on how to get better at movements, and taking coaching cues very well, that they pay off in all the Workouts. (I also always love sharing stories about our cats haha)

Thank you for constantly bringing that smile into the gym, cheering on your fellow classmates. We always hear you cheering others on, even when you’re in the middle of the work, and it does not go unnoticed! You’re a true team player and are always there to pick others up and push them to also be their best. We can’t wait to see you continuing to crush workouts, and Rx’ing more and more in class and we can’t wait to see where your Fitness takes you!

Be sure to give Abby a high five next time you see her in class!

Coach Tia




3 rounds - 7 jumping jacks, 7 mountain climbers, 7 air squats

2 rounds - 30 sec samson stretch each side, 30 sec pigeon stretch each side, 30 sec alternating calf stretches


This is a toughie, no joke. Pace it out, stay positive, and focus on smooth efficient movement. I have no idea what the weather will do, so come prepared for any eventuality!

For time:

800 Runs

40 Single Dumbbell Hang Clean & Jerks, 50/35 lbs

20 Toes-to-bars

600 Runs

30 Single Dumbbell Hang Clean & Jerks, 50/35 lbs

16 Toes-to-bars

400 Runs

20 Single Dumbbell Hang Clean & Jerks, 50/35 lbs

12 Toes-to-bars

200 Runs

10 Single Dumbbell Hang Clean & Jerks, 50/35 lbs

8 Toes-to-bars

FG3: scale db to 25/35-40, half reps ttb

FG2: hanging knee raise

FG1: scale as needed

CP1: KB snatch 35/53 sub for DB

CP2: Ttb - 32-26-22-16-10


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