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Member of the Month... Candace!

Candace has been a member with us since the spring of 2021, almost two years! Joining her husband, Chris, in our CrossFit community, and now making it a family affair by bringing their son Cohen with her to Noon classes. This strong Mom of 4 is a great example, not only to her family, but to all those around her.

She has found a way of working out and being active in a way that she loves and makes it fit into her routine, even with 4 kids schedules (5 if you include Chris haha) to take care of! Candace has knocked off many skills in a short period of time, one of my favourite’s was seeing her get her first HSPU, she was so excited, and after lots of work upside down, her reaction was priceless.

She takes coaching cues very well and is a fast learner. She is also super strong with the barbell, and I still believe she has lots of potential to unlock in that department. She never second guesses me when I tell her to put more weight on the bar haha and I love that she’s always willing to try and push herself. I’m also super proud of her for taking on her first Open, these past weeks have been great to see.

I loved watching her get through the 50 TTB in week 1 and racing to that Wall Ball to do an unbroken set to finish the workout. Her determination to get through those TTB was awesome to see! Read more below to get to know her :)

What is your background in Fitness/sport?

I don’t really have a background in fitness or sport. I enjoyed a few years of competitive gymnastics and volleyball as a kid/youth. As an adult I would do the occasional gym class at my local community fitness center but never found anything I really liked.

When did you start CrossFit/At Vic City?

I joined the spring of 2021.

How many CrossFit Opens have you done?

This year is my first Open.

Favourite memories in the gym?

Getting my first gymnastics movements and Olympic lifts with the encouragement and celebration of my coaches and gym friends and getting to do my first Open with my eldest son and my husband.

What is your favourite movement?

Handstand Push-up

Least favourite?


Favourite WOD or type?


What do you enjoy the most about CrossFit?

Seeing that I’m capable of more than I think, the variety in each class, and the encouraging and supportive community.

Most recent achievement that you are proud of?

Toes to Bar

What goals are you working towards right now?

Stringing together more double-unders and larger volume in the gymnastics movements.

Candace, thank you for being such a positive, out-going, fun person to have in class! You brighten up the gym every time you show up, and your energy is contagious. You always cheer on those around you and are always so supportive. We also love that it’s become a way of being healthy and fit for Hales family, and we hope to see more of the kiddos’ as they grow up! We can’t wait to see you crush more of your goals, and keep getting stronger. And here’s to many more CrossFit Open’s throughout the years.

Make sure to give Candace a High Five next time you see her in class!

Coach Tia


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