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Member of the Month - Janice!

Janice has been a part of our community since November of 2019, she is a great example that age is just a number. And that even in her 60’s she can continue getting better and strive for excellence! She always comes in willing to learn, take coaching cues from her coaches, and is always trying to challenge herself. She really stood out to us during the past few weeks of Open this year, and tried to push the limits and challenge herself, competing in the 55+ Masters category. Doing Wall Walks, fast Box get overs, Deadlifts with Bar-facing burpees! And giving it her all in the last week. I loved that she came in and asked about her plan and what we thought would be good, and strategized and attacked each workout to her best abilities! She uses CrossFit as cross-training for her other activities that she takes part in! With an endurance background, CrossFit has been a huge factor in maintaining her physical health, and is able to keep doing what she loves outside of the gym. Read more below to learn more about Janice!

What is your background in Fitness/sport?

I consider myself to be a sandwich athlete. My background in endurance sports started at 50 with me competing in triathlons. Cyclocross, gravel and mountain biking are my present escapades. These biking feats feed my passion for adventures and the outdoors.

When did you start CrossFit/At Vic City?

I began CrossFit / at Vic City about two years ago. At the age of 60, I found that endurance sports were not keeping me strong or fit anymore. I was losing my ability to do what I loved. I realized it didn’t matter that I had done an Ironman– It was time to “check my ego at the door “ and start a CrossFit class.

Favourite memories in the gym/ What do you enjoy the most about CrossFit?

CrossFit is a humbling experience. There is so much to learn. But, with each class my favourite movement, squats became deeper and my least favourite movement burpees became more tolerable. What I have enjoyed most at Crossfit/at Vic city Is the support and encouragement I am given by all the coaches and people I train with. And surrounded by this support I have learned there is no shame in failure and there is no finish line in CrossFit.

Favourite WOD or type?

My favourite WOD Is one that includes cardio. I am still a wind bag at heart. CrossFit WODs although painful are short. Who knew that approximately 45 minute classes three times a week would make me stronger and fitter. I am now better able to maintain an athletic lifestyle.

Most recent achievement that you are proud of?

My recent achievements include being able to continue to bike and pass on my love of biking.

What goals are you working towards right now?

These days my goals are modest. I am not planning to do a world championship somewhere in the world. I have signed up for a 45km cyclocross Fondo. This race will happen in Victoria in the fall. Cyclocross is as much an event as it is a race. My dream this year is to compete in Xterra Victoria. Xterras are off-road triathlons that include natural hazards, uncontrollable challenges and unexpected beauty in nature.

Janice, thank you for being such a positive person in our community, for cheering each person on, for bringing your smile to class every time. For always willing to learn and to set an example to all the young ones that they too can continue to keep pushing themselves. We are so happy you found CrossFit and our gym and that you continue to see results in and outside the gym. Congratulations on a great Open and we are so excited to see what you set out to do in the future! We know you will continue to keep doing amazing things and we are so happy that we can play a part in that.

Be sure to give Janice a high five next time you see her, and to keep crushing it!

Coach Tia



WARM UP: Roxanne with medicine ball cleans (and jumping jacks in between reps)


5 attempts, on an E230 timer

Warm up well then try to hit some solid weights across the board. Record your best attempt only in BTWB - push for it as this will be your "score"!

Must complete the complex in the first 30 seconds of the interval. Can go up and down in weight over the 5 rounds.

WOD: Run intro and Murph prep

Cruise this wod unless you feel like you're up for a smasher! The goal is to just get a bit of exposure to some running and pushups for Murph. If running is hard on your body, consider alternating rounds of running and biking OR shorten the run OR do a run-walk.

On a scale of 1-10 effort (with 1 being sitting still and 10 being maximal), aim for a 6-7

FG: scale pushups and v ups as needed

CP: option of adding a vest OR subbing in 4-8 ring mu instead of pushups


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