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Member of the Month... Mikey Dubs!

Levitating! Photo: Oscar Bravo

Mikey Dubs joined us in 2017, and he has been consistent ever since! He stayed consistent with his schedule, and joined either the 12pm class or 5pm class depending on his work schedule, and it has been great to see his progress through the years. He is consistently showing up and putting in the work on himself and never letting comparison to others get in his way. He has gotten super strong, and we all know how he can crush a weighted strict pull-up as well as a Strict Press! We also all know how great he is at engine work! He can always push the pace on the running workouts, as well as end with a hard sprint/finish on the Bike/Row! Mike has also taken the time and put in the effort to improve all of his lifts. His patience and perseverance doesn’t go unnoticed. He listens to coaches feedback, asks for help and suggestions, and is always looking to get better. I think his answer to what he enjoys most about CrossFit is the perfect mindset and how we should all approach each class. Read more below to get to know him!

What is your background in Fitness/sport?

Mostly watching sports. Although I love playing sports too, I’ve never been good enough to play organized sports of any kind. I used to go to a “typical” gym, but I never found the enjoyment or progress I’ve found with CrossFit. I have to admit, however, I do miss “back and bi’s” days very much.

When did you start CrossFit/At Vic City?

I started in 2017 through the on-ramp program. I had zero idea what CrossFit actually was, but I thought it would be really convenient to attend a gym right across the road from where I work (and maybe that’s why they called it CrossFit – It’s right “across” the road).

How many CrossFit Opens have you done?

I believe 3 (but not totally sure).

Favourite memories in the gym?

Working out on the breezeway in the snow. Of course, I am super sympathetic to the losses and setbacks suffered by the gym during this time, however, to see it adapt, persevere, and find creative solutions (in true CrossFit style) and come out on top was truly awesome to see. I will always remember working out in the snow out on the breezeway, wearing warm clothes and gloves, and signing up early to do it! A special thanks to Cam and all the coaches for making fitness accessible to the members during the pandemic! Your commitment is something that we will always remember.

Favorite... and least favorite? Photo: Oscar Bravo

What is your favourite movement?

The Thruster. This works out the shoulders, legs and lungs in just one movement.

Least favourite?

The Thruster. This is really hard on my shoulders, legs and lungs for just one movement.

Favourite WOD or type?

Jackie - Because I enjoy full body workouts with some cardio thrown in there.

What do you enjoy the most about CrossFit?

That it’s a battle between you and yourself. If you give it 100% of what you’re capable of, no matter the time or reps you accumulate compared to others, that’s a win. And due to the variety, scaling and progression of movements the challenge for yourself is always there. You just need to show up, meet that challenge, and get a little fitter than you were the day before. It’s not easy, but you are your own measuring stick.

Most recent achievement that you are proud of?

The ability to do 5 WODs per week. When the gym moved to 6 WODs per week, I thought I may not be able to continue attending my usual 5 days (I used to do 3 WODs and 2 skills days). However, I’ve been taking it one day at a time and have been able to continue my Monday-Friday routine .

What goals are you working towards right now?

Stringing together a long set of bar muscle-ups, butterfly pull-ups and chest-to-bars. I can do these movements in singles or shorter sets, but I would really like to string together longer, unbroken sets.

Mikey, thank you for showing up to each class with a positive attitude and always striving to be better. You’re always cheering on your fellow classmates, even mid-wod when you’re in the middle of your own work, you quickly tell people good job or keep going, and as a coach there’s nothing we love more. You are a great example to our members of what our community is all about, and it’s members like you that keep this the best gym and place to workout.

We know you’ll continue to keep reaching your goals and setting new ones to chase, and maybe even share a joke or two along the way Haha. Thank you again for being awesome!

Be sure to give Mike a high five next time you see him :)

Coach Tia


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