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Member of the Month: Tamara!

Tamara out on an adventure with her daughter

Tamara first joined our Vic City community in 2019, doing her On-Ramp with Coach Megan in the 6am class, she took a bit of a break, until 2020 hit and joined back up for the Fundamentals program, and has been a dedicated member since! She has shown consistency and put in the effort to reach her goals, trusting the process and really fine tuning her techniques, especially with the barbell, and recently getting kipping nailed down! We always enjoy having Tamara in class and her positive attitude. Read more below to learn more about her. What is your background in Fitness/sport?

As a youth I trained for 4 years in rural Alberta ballet and gymnastics. I later trained for 8 years in dance including contemporary and jazz. I used to play a lot of golf but never quite got the swing of it so moved on to squash at UVic and really enjoyed it. When my children were small I did a lot of “hokey pokey” but moved on to public prancercise when they became teenagers. When did you start CrossFit/At Vic City?

I took the “On-Ramp” 6:00am class with Megan in 2019 and absolutely loved it. It took me until 2020 and 15 extra pounds to summon the courage and sign up for the 12 week Fundamentals program with Cam.

Favourite memories in the gym?

One of my favourite memories is after I completed the 12 week program and moved into the main gym and accidentally booked a Friday 4:30 class with Graham and seasoned elite Crossfit athletes. It was too late to pretend I had come down with the flu and was in the box furthest away from the exit so I couldn't make a run for it. After fifteen minutes into the “skill development”, Graham realized he was going to be spending a lot of time in my general area ensuring my safety. He made small talk with me and asked if I had done any WOD like Diane or Chelsea. I couldn’t quite make out what he asked over the thunderous crashing of 1000 pound plates hitting the floor but was pretty sure I heard female names. I panicked and blurted “my coaches name is Andy!” He looked perplexed and replied “Andy??” After several painful and confusing minutes we both figured out what went wrong in the conversation but I swore I was going to move to a different country and change my identity. What is your favourite movement?

I love love love doing power snatches. Lifting the plates off the floor and over my head makes me feel like a super athlete.

Least favourite?

I am not the biggest fan of the assault bike. I think the first time I was introduced to it I asked Andy if mine was broken because it was so difficult to operate. When he indicated it was in fine working order I asked if there was perhaps an easier setting button I was missing. I was so glad the gym was equipped with an AED machine after that workout.

Favourite WOD or type?

There are so many I love. I enjoy the “modified” Barbara, Helen, and Jackie. Anything with running, but unlike my fair weathered chihuahua I prefer in the rain not the heat.

Two of Tamara's biggest fans! Her son and daughter!

What do you enjoy the most about CrossFit?

I enjoy the high level quality of coaching and inclusion at Vic City. The coaches are so knowledgeable, approachable, and respectful of the people they work with. They treat each person with care and consideration and provide invaluable feedback regarding individual athletic development. They can quickly analyze and adapt movements that correspond with abilities and show authentic enthusiasm when a person reaches a goal or milestone. I have also been grateful for the people I might not otherwise meet during a very isolating year because of the pandemic. The gym and people have been bright-light during a potentially dark time. Most recent achievement that you are proud of?


What goals are you working towards right now?

I am determined to get my pull ups, double unders, and handstand push ups. Thank you Tamara for being such a positive person in our community, always showing up with a smile on your face, helping others in Fundamentals and those who are new to the gym during this crazy COVID time and making other members feel comfortable and welcomed. We love how dedicated you are to your fitness and how you walk in ready to take on the day’s challenge and not being afraid to put yourself out there, even if there’s an Assault Bike involved. Great job on all your accomplishments thus far at the gym, and we are very excited to see you crush future goals and anything you set your mind to! Next time you see Tamara at the gym, give her an air high five!

- Coach Tia




SKILL: Every 1 min for 10 mins:

Back Squat 2 reps @ 85% OF YOUR 4RM FROM LAST WEEK!

It should be smooth on the ascents and not devastatingly hard!


For time:

200m Runs,

40 Kettlebell Taters, 53/35 lbs

400 Runs

30 Kettlebell Taters, 53/35 lbs

600 Runs,

20 Kettlebell Taters, 53/35 lbs

800 Runs,

10 Kettlebell Taters, 53/35 lbs

Tough combo here of escalating run distance and decreasing tater reps. This is a bit of prep for Helen...

Scale tater so that you're doing 2-3 sets for the big reps. If you ran in Murph and are still recovering, sub in row or bike.

FG3: 26/44

FG2: scale kb as needed, alternate 200 and 400m runs

FG1: sub movemetns as needed

CP1: KB single arm snatches 35/53

CP2: KB double arm clean and jerk 35/53


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