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Member of the Month - Txomin!

Using the force... Photo: Oscar Bravo

Txomin (pronounced CHOE-min) has been a part of our community for just over a few years! Making the gym a great part of his routine, he is a usual member in our 4pm classes, and his consistency is awesome! Through Covid and recently becoming a new Dad he hasn’t missed a beat.

I fondly remember our Evening Zoom Classes and his signing on each night it was available, with a lot of the time just being 1 on 1, and I really got to know him. Especially his love for Star Wars and his cool Pez Collection! He also gave me that sense of purpose during the lockdown and was a regular part of my connection with the gym and community even while being at home. I am very grateful he showed up for all those sessions.

We’ve seen a lot of progress for Txomin, from Barbell Work, to gymnastics, and we are excited to keep seeing him succeed and get stronger. Read more below to get to know him!

What is your background in Fitness/sport?

From elementary to high school I was a swimmer and also played water polo. After university, I regularly attended group fitness classes such as spinning and Bodypump. Also, when I lived in Vancouver, the daily commute involved biking for two hours.

When did you start CrossFit/At Vic City?

I joined Vic City in September 2019, after being unable to find spinning/bodypump classes that fit my schedule. A friend recommended Crossfit and I started with the on-ramp program without knowing what Crossfit was about.

How many CrossFit Opens have you done?

I have participated in two Opens: 2021, 2022. I avoided the 2019 Open as I was too new and it sounded really intimidating.

Favourite memories in the gym?

I have some. The pre-pandemic atmosphere at the gym: classes with more than 30 people and everyone partnering up. The mostly one-to-one virtual classes with Tia during the pandemic (my only contact with the outside world). I also have a very fond memory of the 12 days of Christmas workout.

What is your favourite movement?

Deadlift, shoulder press and wall balls.

Least favourite?

Thrusters and running

Favourite WOD or type?

Partners workouts and anything involving rowing.

What do you enjoy the most about CrossFit?

I love the variety of movements and techniques that we are exposed to, and how supportive and cheerful the Vic City community is.

What goals are you working towards right now?

I am getting out of my comfort zone and trying to achieve unassisted pull ups: kipping, strict, any!

Txomin, thank you for being a great part of our community, for showing up to each class, wanting to keep getting better and pushing yourself. You’re always asking good questions and for help on how to improve your technique and skills, as well on how you should attack each workout. You make each Coach’s job very easy, and your wanting to learn is what we love to see. You’re a great example to all our members on showing up each week, and how important fitness is even through crazy times like Covid, or again, having a baby! When life gets tough, or you’re going through changes, you don’t stop and that’s what we want for all of our members.

You are always cheering on your fellow classmates and always have a positive attitude. Thank you again for the past few years, and we look forward to many more with you, and to see you keep attacking your goals, we know you’ll get those Pull-ups in no time with your determination!

Be sure to give Txomin a High Five next time you see him in the gym :)

Coach Tia


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