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Monday Open Prep

Robbie with nice position early in his power clean! PC: Oscar Bravo


Here we go again into another great week of training. This will likely be one of the hardest days of training we've had in a while... essentially every component in here is a "race day" challenge!

Monday and Tuesday's focus is to expose you to some heavier weights, pullups, and lighter combos that are likely to show up in this year's Open.

Make sure that you are especially working hard on the thrusters - you should really be trying to push the weight there as much as possible to maintain/gain strength. Scale the pullups in the skill to be challenging, and don't be afraid to mix skills like ctb and regular pullups together if sticking with one is too much.

The WOD is made up of short intervals in which your goal should be to go at faster than race pace... while still maintaining smoothness. If you can execute a high density of reps while keeping extra movement and tension to a minimum, you've got it made!

Rest outside the gym without your mask to recover some oxygen, then get back in and get after it. We won't have the masks on forever, and likely not at all during the Open.

Stay strong!





4 HR pushups, 6 ring rows / barbell rows, 8 reverse lunges, 10 double crunch


Alternating intervals of 15 seconds work, 45 seconds rest for max reps.

8 intervals of each exercise!


Thrusters 95/135

CTB Pullups

Challenge yourself with the weight on the thruster... sets should be tough to complete unbroken in the 15 sec.

Pullups same thing, challenge yourself so that you're not banging off 15 reps each interval unless you're a super duper star!

FG3: bar weight 75/115, regular pullups

FG2: bar weight 65/95

FG1: bar weight scaled as needed, jumping or banded pullups


This is a split up of a classic crossfit open workout... actually the very first crossfit open workout! The goal is quick consistent movement, aiming for 3 rounds each interval, so scale as needed, get tough, and push hard!!

For 3 cycles: AMRAP in 3 mins of:

15 Ground-to-Overheads, 75/55 lbs

30 Double Unders

Rest 2 mins between each cycle.

For each cycle re start the AMRAP

Fg2: 55-65/35-45, 5 doubles + 25 singles

fg1: scale as needed

can snatch or do fast cj


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