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Monday-Tuesday Training

Jon Using the force to help maintin good depth in the Back Squat.

PC Oscar Bravo?




3 rounds

5 dowel dislocates

5 dowel Overhead squats

5/5 single leg squats

10/10 slow knee to elbow mountain climbers


Back Squat 4-4-4-4-4-4

Every 2mins, build up as you go.


The goal here is to go "Smooth fast" through the work, and gain some rest time.

6 rounds total so scale appropriately so you can make it through.

Don't underestimate the pushups!!!

Every 4mins complete 1 round of the following for 24mins (6 rounds)

Assault bike 500/400m

Hand release pushups 15/10

Double Unders 30

Scale to Knee pushups

Scale Double unders to 60 singles


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