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MOTM - Chris Van Steelandt!

One with the ball. Photo: Oscar Bravo

April Member of the Month- Chris!

We tend to refer to him as Farmstrong in the gym, but lots of you know him as Chris. Chris has been a member with us since the Summer of 2014, back in our first location! As coaches we have seen him grow into a spectacular CrossFitter, his skills and strength speak for this, he has competed over the years not only in the Open, but in local competitions on and off the Island, as an Individual and with teammates, he always has a great attitude and is a committed team member who will give 100% every time. Read more to learn about


What is your background in Fitness/sport?

I don't have any real background in sport, other than some curling and a brief stint playing high school basketball in grades 11&12 (I'm a terrible shot, but I could run fast). Most of my physical activity growing up was related to farm work & training/showing cattle. I have a whole lot of hours logged on a pitchfork and a shovel though!

When did you start CrossFit/At Vic City?

I started CrossFit way back in August of 2014, back in Vic City's original location. Back when the run route used to involve jumping a concrete barricade on the way in and out (only biffed it once)!

Favourite memories in the gym?

Friday Night Lights during the Open or any of the Vic City Games! I love competing and watching others compete in CrossFit. There's a great energy in the air when someone finally gets their first rep of a movement that they've been working on for a long time, or somebody hits a heavy lift right before the time runs out!

What is your favourite movement?

Gotta be muscle-ups, either on the bar or on the rings. I also like thrusters, especially if they're heavy! And I don't care what anybody says about it! Haha

Least favourite?

Are running and the assault bike considered movements? Cardio is hardio. Also not a huge fan of wallballs, especially with the 30 pound ball. Yuck.

He CAN run though... Photo: Oscar Bravo

Favourite WOD or type?

Geez, that's hard to answer. I "like" re-testing some of the benchmark WODs like Fran or Grace, as long as it only pops up once or twice a year. Mostly, I like longer chippers, because they require a bit of strategy to get through without burning yourself out, and while I'm not necessarily the more fit than some people, I can catch & beat their score if I strategize the workout properly. If I was going to name a specific workout, either Nasty Girls v2 or Open 20.5 (despite the absurd number of wallballs).

What do you enjoy the most about CrossFit?

I love the competitive aspect of CrossFit, it's super fun to watch and take part in. And I also love the community of people that CrossFit brings in! The social aspect of the classes is a big draw for me, the 630pm class is my social hour.

Most recent achievement that you are proud of?

Beating Coach Tia on an Open workout for probably the first (and maybe last) time in 3 years, haha.

Winning the CP division of the February WODfest was really cool, even if it took some new shin scars on the box jumps to earn it. It's the first time I've won an in-house competition, and maybe the first "podium" spot I've taken in one as well. I've been trying to do that for a really long time (almost 7 years!), so it was a great feeling to finally achieve that goal.

What goals are you working towards right now?

Well, depending on how the leaderboard shakes out for the 2021 Open, maybe getting ready for the 2021 quarterfinals! I'm still in the top 10% of North America by half of a percentage point as of today (March 30), so we'll see! Outside of that, this year I want to work on my handstand push-up strength and my handstand walking, because I'm tired of losing to Tony every time they show up haha. I also want to work on/play around with squat jerking, because why not!

Not only are you a great CrossFitter Chris but you are also always willing to lend a hand when it comes to fixing up the gym space, whether that be a drywall hole in the wall, leveling out the floor, or helping with our big gym cleans! You are very much appreciated in our VicCity Community Chris, and thank you for being such a strong member over the years, here’s to many more great years and crushing more goals!

- Coach Tia




5 lying thoracic rotations per side

10 light kb swings or plate floor to overhead

5 back roll to straddle stretch

10 KB sumo deadlifts


5-3-1-5-3-1 E2M

Each wave aim to hit heavier weights, but keep them clean!!


This is a circuit, not for time, but for accuracy and control muscle tension. These movements make your body stronger with less direct strain on your spine and joints.

Move through for 5 rounds -

Seated DB shoulder press x 8

DB Bulgarian Squat (hold DB in goblet position or hold two by sides if you want more weight) x 6/leg

Tempo Pushups (4 sec down, press up fast, 1 sec at top) x 6-15

Ring Row x 8-10 with a slow lower

V-Situps x 10-20


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