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Move light weight quickly

Earn your rest like Dan! PC: Oscar Bravo

Hey team,

Although our focus right now is mostly on strength, we can't skip out on moving light(er) weights FAST. That's what today's metcons are all about - fast, unbroken reps that should have you totally spent by the 3 minute mark... just in time for some rest!

Aim to hit your reps as fast as possible while maintaining smoothness and high quality range of motion. Choose scaling that will allow for unbroken sets so your rate of work stays consistently very high throughout.

Good luck, work hard, and have fun!




WARM UP: 2 rounds

10 plate floor to overhead, 8 plate squats, 6 double crunch, 24 single skips or jumping jacks

SKILL: CLEAN and JERK practice

6 sets, on a 2:00 timer of -

1 Squat Clean + 2 Front Squats + 1 Jerk

WOD: Multi AMRAP (18 min)

This is a series of Amraps of 3 minutes long with 2 minute rests in between. Score each amrap separately, and use the same weight for your barbell across all of them!

Aim for a lighter barbell and scaling that enables you to just go unbroken through all of the sequences, you should get at least 3 rounds in each sequence!

Part 1: AMRAP 3 min

Front squat 16 reps 55/75

Bar Facing Burpees 8 reps

Rest 2 min

Part 2: AMRAP 3 min

Push Press 16 reps 55/75

Pullups 6/8 reps

Rest 2 min

Part 3: AMRAP 3 min

Sumo Deadlift High Pull 16 reps 55/75

Bar facing burpees 8 reps

Rest 2 min

Part 4: AMRAP 3 min

Back Squat 55/75 16 reps

Pullups 6/8 reps


FG2: 45/65, jumping pullups

FG1: scale bar and movements as needed

CP1: 65/95, CTB

CP2: 75/115, bar MU at half reps (3/4 per round)


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