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MURPH and FNL Update!

Kristjan repping those Murph pushups! Photo: Oscar Bravo

Hey all!

We are now just over a month away from our annual MURPH challenge. It will all go down on Sunday May 29, the day before most of the CrossFit world takes it on (Memorial Day in the USA). This of course is a great way to get together with your friends and throw down, but it is more than just a workout. Murph is symbolic of paying respect to front line personnel who put themselves in harms way every single day. It is a tough wod, but an hour or so of working out is nothing compared to what some of those brave front liners do on an almost daily basis.

We'll have heat registrations live in early May, so you can sign up for a time slot to take on the workout. We'll kick things off around 8 or 830 am and go til around noon or 1pm, depending on how many sign ups we get.

Not sure if you can do the Murph? Well, you can take on Half Murph OR run the full one with a partner. The latter is really fun actually and you'll share the workload with your buddy in a work and rest format!

Lastly, we run the Murph event as a fundraiser for a charity. Normally that charity is an organization called Soldier On, which helps support wounded soldiers gain access to recreation and fitness activities. This year I would like to direct half of the funds raised to supporting the Ukraine crisis. I will research organizations to donate to and will provide info on that in May.

So get into class, practice your pushups, and we'll get after it!


Friday Night Lights Update

Our upcoming FNL is May 6, which is just around the corner! We have yet to release what workout we'll throw down, but it will be sure to be a banger. We're running the food this time around as a POTLUCK, and I just posted a thread on the Facebook members' group so we can get an idea of who is bringing what... so jump on that and put down your dish of choice (can be something really small, no pressure!).

We'll run heats from 4pm through to maybe 7 or 730pm depending on numbers. We'll have a short food break at about 6pm but I'm pretty sure you'll want to save your food until after the wod if you have a later wod time! We will bring in some beers, ciders, and other drinks for purchase, so we've got that all set.

It will be an exciting night for sure, and a great way to hang out with your gym buddies, throw down, and eat some great food.

See ya then!





2 min bike

then right into

4 min rotation of: 2 samson lunges, 10 glute bridges, 4 pushups


LEADERBOARD WOD! This is your chance to show your beef by pulling a big deadlift, a big bench, then adding them together for your overall total! Be safe with both lifts, space out your attempts and use a spotter for your bench attempts. Please note that coaches will step in if lifts start becoming unsafe (i.e. excessive rounding of the back in deadlifts, squirming/inconsistent technique on the bench).

TEST 1: DEADLIFT 1RM - 20 minute time limit

Do sets of higher reps to warm up before getting into singles. Something like this progression would work: 5-5-5-3-3-1's

TEST 2: BENCH PRESS 1RM - 20 minute time limit

Have a spotter ready for all attempts. Keep in mind that the spotters job is to keep your lift safe, not to assist in any way. Spotters stay close to the head of the bench presser and have your hands and body ready to immediately grab the bar and guide it to safety on the pins. Again start with higher reps before moving into your singles: 5-5-5-3-3-1's


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