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Murph Heats and Registration


We are now less than a week away from the big Murph day... Yep that's right, on Sunday May 29 we'll be tackling this (in)famous workout through a series of heats.

We'll kick off the day with a heat at 8am, followed by heats 2 and 3 at 915 and 1030 respectively. I'll pop open the doors at 730am for you early birds ;).

There's a multitude of ways to take on the workout, including solo half murph, or the same volume but more fun - partner murph, solo murph, solo murph with a vest... and probably others (rumour has it Matty and Cara are going to do partner double Murph!). First time? Just grab a buddy (don't have to be Vic City members!) and bring them with you to share the workload.

This year, we will be directing all donations to the UNHCR (United Nations Refugee Agency). Please donate to UNHCR directly, and choose a general donation to refugees worldwide or one towards the people of Ukraine. This will provide you with a tax receipt and you can choose to do a one time or recurring donation. Visit the UNHCR website HERE for more info.

This event is ALSO time to hang out with your Vic City family, cheer others on, or just enjoy hanging out in the gym on a Sunday morning with your friends. Right now we don't have plans to have drinks for sale... but let us know if you'd like to have an early brew to help you "regenerate" post workout we'll set it up! Feel free to bring in some snacks to share if you like!

Any way you cook it, it will be a great day, and an honour to all those front line personnel who put themselves in harm's way on a daily basis. As a special add on, I have a commemorative Lt Michael Murphy coin that will be given to the one person who completes the workout with the best overall commitment, rep quality, and finishing time. These coins are individually numbered and are issued directly from the Lt Michael Murphy foundation, with proceeds going towards that very organization.

Lastly, we do still have plate carrier vests for sale, so if you're in the market for one, stop by the office and check them out.

See you there Sunday!





7 min rotation

1 min bike

50 single skips (or 25 jumping jacks)

2 samson lunge per side

10 slow double leg glute bridges


Straight up aerobic with a big dose of guts! You should have some good rowing under your belt by now, and this will be a lot shorter than last week's Nurwor! Get 7-9 hard strokes in to start, then hold at a pace you think you can maintain for the bulk of the distance. With about 200m left, empty the tank!

If you have a target time, switch your monitor to show you estimated finish time... it will keep you honest in the middle struggle of the race! Have fun and stay positive :)

Row 2000 m

This is an all out effort for time.


5 rounds for quality of:

Dumbbell Walking Lunge, 75 ft

20 Rower Pike Ups Or Tuck Ups*

10 Single Arm Dumbbell Rows

Side Plank, 20 secs

*sub double crunch or V-ups if rowers are in use for another heat

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