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Murph Prep Midweek

Here ya go team, a chance to get in some solid Murph prep, but you're not alone! Team up with a partner to share the volume while getting your body used to the mechanics of the rounds and movements.

If you're thinking about using a vest for Murph, but haven't used one yet this year, maybe put it on for either the Cindy rounds or run rounds. Going full on into this workout with a vest will be a bit rough on your body, so by doing part of the workout with it on, you'll get the feeling of using it without the damage!

Either way, have fun, scale as needed, and work on quality of your reps, not just the quantity. That means CHEST (not stomach) to the floor on the pushups, Chin over bar for your pullups, and both FULL DEPTH and FULL EXTENSION on your squats. Fast times mean nothing without hitting the standards.

See ya soon!




WARM UP: 5 min -

Spiderman lunge with twist x 3 / side

Childs pose to cobra x 6

50 single skips or 25 jumping jacks


45 minute time cap!

This is an opportunity to work with a buddy and get in some solid volume of Murph training. Feel free to use the scaling options below depending on your strengths (and partners can mix and match scaling levels!). Work on consistent pacing, especially through the rounds of Cindy

With a partner:

1600m run (2 x 400m each, alternating) - take your first one a bit slower to get into it

20 rounds of Cindy (5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 squats - alternate rounds)

1600m run (2 x 400m each, alternating)

Scaling 1:

2 x 300m runs each

3 pullups - 6 pushups - 9 squats sub for Cindy rounds

Scaling 2:

2 x 200m runs each

scale pullups and pushups


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