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Wow what a day! On Sunday morning, we had well over 30 people take on the Murph challenge, and I was impressed by the effort and perseverance shown through the toughness of the workout.

There were so many notable moments, and I would do injustice to some if I tried to recall all of them from my sieve like brain. For those who took on their first Murph either in partners or solo, well done - it takes guts just to show up for the challenge let alone see it through.

For those who worked through the reps unpartitioned (i.e. all the pullups first, followed by the pushups, then the squats), you are warriors for sure... who may choose a different route next year!

To the partners who worked together, I saw a lot of encouragement and enthusiasm and more than a few smiles along the way.

And for those who ripped hands but continued anyways... you showed true grit against a really tough physical and psychological setback.

Overall, I had to decide who to give the challenge coin to. This person had to not only have outstanding rep quality, but had to dig deeply and consistently to gut out rounds and complete the challenge.

This year, the challenge coin will be awarded to Natalie.

I was very impressed by Natalie's transition time between movements, overall rep quality, and perseverance. She showed the true essence of what Murph should be, and is very deserving of this award.

So congratulations to all, I will add up all the donations handed in as well as drop in dollars and forward them to the UNHCR. If you would like to do a donation to the UNHCR, click HERE and you can choose a general donation or one directly to the people of Ukraine. Thank you all for your kindness and generosity!

And of course there will be some fantastic pictures from the talented Oscar Bravo still to come :)

See you soon,




WARM UP: Rowling

4 x 150 m, coaches choice of exercise for meters over or under! Bang on 150 means that member gets to choose 5-10 reps of a movement for everyone else to do in that round :)


Every 1 min for 30 mins, alternating between:

14 Dumbbell Hang Power Snatches

Walking Lunge, 50 ft

14/10 Row Calories

14 Alternating V-ups

Double Under, 30 secs

Rest 1 min

Scale up or down as needed depending on your Murph exposure and general state!

CP: scale db weight up, can sub pistols for lunges (14 reps), toes to bar for v ups


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