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New Leaderboard WODs!

Well, the votes are in... and I'm pretty excited about the new wods that will be going up on our in gym leaderboards! Thanks to everyone for voting, and for your thoughts on "other" stuff to include on the leaderboards.

We'll take the top two voted wods from each category, then fill in four more wods based on your suggestions and any "gaps" that might be in the spectrum of movements and categories listed. Here are how the votes broke down:

Looks like Nurwor is a go!

There were some other good ideas for a gym goals board (where you can post your goals you're working towards and maybe team up with others after the same things!), and for a specific HERO wod (Robert Evens - 21-15-9 of squat cleans and hspus) - so this one will be added for sure.

So, to recap, the "voted in" wods will be:


2k row

Push Pull total and some variant of - Combined total of 6rm front squat, 4rm push press, 2 rm deadlift

Open wods 13.4 and 11.5

Diane and Helen

Robert Evens HERO wod.

That makes 8 wods with 4 more spots, so more fun to come :). Get ready too team, we will attack these starting next week!




WARM UP: 2 rounds -

10 dowel dislocates

10 cossack squats

10 plate floor to overheads

30 single skips or 15 jumping jacks


in this workout, you will alternate each minute with your partner, chipping away at the reps until you're done all of the exercises and reps listed below. BE SURE TO COMMUNICATE with your partner as to where you are at rep wise, especially on the rower if you use two machines.

For time:

100 Wallballs

50 Pull-ups

100 Row Calories

100 Hang Power Snatches, 75/55 lbs

100 Row Calories

50 Pull-ups

100 Wallballs

Partners switch Every Minute on the Minute, and just pick up where the other person left off :)

FG2: scale wallball weight, 55/35 barbell, jumping pullups or ring rows

CP1: 95/65

CP2: 115/75, ctb pullups

CP3: 135/95, 100 ctb, heavy wallball


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