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Open 21.1 and some updates!

Hello team!

It is finally here - and now we know what we have to face over the next few days! The wod details are down at the bottom of this post, but first review a few important items about the Open, classes, and your score!

  1. We'll run this wod in the classes Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Saturday Open gym is also a time to do the wod, but bring a buddy along with you to judge. PLEASE do not ask for times outside of those listed above, except for extenuating circumstances we will not be holding additional wod times.

  2. You'll take turns doing the wod and also judging the wod. As a judge, your responsibility is to uphold the standards of the workout!! Keep your rep count clear and loud, but don't just count reps, keep the member responsible for proper movement standards.

  3. If you're officially registered for the Open, you'll need a scorecard for each workout. We will provide them, you just need your judges name, your score, and your TIEBREAK TIME (if there is one). You take the bottom part of the scorecard with that info on and drop off the top part on the shelf by the bathrooms.

  4. Enter your OFFICIAL Open score into the website right away. We have until Wednesday to validate them so if it doesn't show up right away, don't worry!

  5. Enter your INTRAMURAL Open score into the Google form that I'll send out tonight or tomorrow. Do this right away!!

  6. Have fun, work hard, and encourage others, this is a great opportunity to push our limits and help our friends through to some new fitness levels!


PS. Please continue to be vigilant about symptoms of cold or flu when coming into the gym! We are all excited about the Open but we still need to make sure that we are covering our bases in terms of Covid!




x 2 (then specific warm up after)

8 dowel dislocates

4/side thoracic rotation

4 inchworms

24 jumping jacks

WOD: OPEN 21.1

Class will be split into two groups - first group goes while second group judges, then we switch over!


For time:

1 Wall Walk 10 Double Unders

3 Wall Walks 30 Double Unders

6 Wall Walks 60 Double Unders

9 Wall Walks 90 Double Unders

15 Wall Walks 150 Double Unders

21 Wall Walks 210 Double Unders

Time cap: 15 mins


For time:

1 Scaled Wall Walk 10 Single Unders

3 Scaled Wall Walks 30 Single Unders

6 Scaled Wall Walks 60 Single Unders

9 Scaled Wall Walks 90 Single Unders

15 Scaled Wall Walks 150 Single Unders

21 Scaled Wall Walks 210 Single Unders

Time cap: 15 mins


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