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Outdoor Options

You don't snow squat.

Hello team!

We know that you are itching for some metcons and maybe even some assault bike, so we're set to go on an option to train outside during class time. We had hoped that new guidelines for training with higher intensity would be out soon, however it looks like we are going to have to wait. So we're taking things into our own hands and providing you with some options!

Here's how it will work:

- there will be four grids laid out in the breezeway, and they will be FAR apart (i.e. 12'+)

- you will maintain social distancing at all times when outside

- you will be able to bring out an assault bike, wallball, kbs, dbs, skipping rope to do some conditioning with

- the first 30 min will be one half of the class (i.e. first 3-4 people) and the second half will be the other half (second 3-4 people). These are not bookable spots but are there if members want to use them.

- this time frame includes the time it takes to set up and clean up your equipment, so you likely have ~20 min of workout time

- we will stay away from running and rowing for the time being (rowing due to the size of the machine and running due to the passing of other members or members of the public)

- you will not have to wear a mask when outside, but will have to put on one when you leave your grid and when you come inside

So if you want to get some breathing work in, there is the option... just like if you went to the rec centre and wanted to hop on the treadmill! Obviously it will be cold outside, so come prepared with a hoodie and gloves if you're getting out there in the early morning or late night.

Stay safe and see you soon!

Cam & The Vic City Weight Room Attendants


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