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Party Orders Due and Intramural Update!

Hey team!

The end of Open party is rapidly approaching, and I've decided to extend the deadline for any late orders of pizza. I will accept orders until NOON ON WEDNESDAY, so please get your number and type of slices in before then! Use this LINK to put in your order, please bring cash to purchase! You don't need to buy anything to attend the party of course, just come on by and hang out with your fitness friends :)

We're picking up drinks from Vancouver Island Brewing, keeping it local, fresh and tasty, so look forward to a selection of tasty beverages!


On the intramural front, we had an interesting Week 2, with a simple but challenging couplet that tested everyone to the max. In a neat turn of events, Team RED bounced back from a 3rd place finish in Week 1 to take win in Week 2 for best combined points, thanks to strong efforts from Coaches Phil and Michelle, Nik Novak, and Becca Westley!

Teams BLUE and RED lead the way with the number of team members wearing colors with 94% and 88% respectively, team GREY needs to step it up big time to play with the top teams here!

Team GREEN brought home some valuable bonus points this week thanks to a custom sign courtesy of GREEN captain Kim Moore! These points made up ground on Team BLUE and Team RED for GREEN to take the cake for week 2.


  • I managed to omit Don L and Ian J's scores from week 1 for some reason, so apologies there... both gents came with guns blazing in week 2, putting up solid scores of 120 and 121 respectively.

  • Congratulations to Coach Lucas for FINISHING the entire 100 deadlifts and 100 burpees in under the 10 minute time cap, netting a top 1000 finish in the world for that workout.

  • Last week, Connor Newberry hit an astounding 316 reps, also good for a top 1000 result worldwide, and had a solid effort of 184 reps in Week 2.

Well done all and onwards to week 3!




Partners - 1 person shuttle runs while the other holds front plank.

Run 1 lap each, then 2, then 3, then 4 all the way up to 5


Alternate Every 90 Seconds between

Power Clean and Jerk, 3 reps


Double unders, 30-45 seconds

Build power clean and jerks, but aim to be at 65-80% for all your sets (i.e. don't start too light).

Double unders can be 30-45 sec of work, but start right at the beginning of the interval

Conditioning Calorie Waves

Choose either bike or rowing machine. Rotate through three levels of effort (low, medium, high) every minute for 12-18 minutes. Restart the monitor each minute. Select calories based on you abilities, here are some suggestions:

Men (bike): 5, 10, 15 Women (bike): 3, 6, 9

Scaled up: Men (bike): 6, 12, 18 Women (bike): 5,10,15

Scaled down: consider dropping calories or doing the first an third minutes only


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