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Programming update!

Kim getting it done! Photo: Oscar Bravo

Hey Team,

With the CrossFit Open about 9 weeks away, we are going to continue to build our capacity towards peaking for that event. We just finished off a really productive strength phase in which we saw big increases in squat strength.

Our next 4 weeks will be continuing to put an emphasis on strength but looking to convert it into the olympic weightlifting movements (cleans and snatches) as well as crossfit-specific skills. Expect to see quite a few EMOM workouts which give a lot of skill practice under a moderate amount of fatigue. We'll also be peppering in more and more metcon/open style wods as we get closer to March 11.

So your focus for the next 4 weeks is to look to improve your olympic weightlifting and general crossfit skill, while maintaining base strength and slowly push up your metcon ability. Our program will be laid out directly towards those goals, so show up as regularly as you can to get the full benefit of the training! You can catch up on missed wods or get extra practice of skills in strength during our Open Gym on Saturdays 1:45-7:45pm or during a new Open Gym time on Thursdays at 645.

Please note that going forwards, our Weightlifting and Gymnastics skills classes will be running at 630pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays respectively! This makes them a bit more accessible timewise during the week.

So here we go team! Get focused, do good things for your body with nutrition and recovery, and lets charge forwards for the next 9 weeks.

See you soon,




WARM UP: 2 rounds - 10 dowel overhead squats, 8 reverse lunges, 6 pushups, 4 vertical jumps

SKILL: Snatch 8 x 2 E90s

Build for the first 2-4 sets then hold across for the last 4 at a heavy but technically solid weight. Reps can be power or squat snatch, but try to move towards the latter.

SKILL 2: Back Squat and HSPU practice

Every 2:30 for 4 rounds do:

5 Back Squats 10 Handstand Push-ups

Back squat weight should be 70-80% of 1rm, scale hspu rom or go to seated db shoulder press or box hspu. If 10 is easy for you, bump it up or go to strict reps. All work should be done within the first minute.

Short WOD: Tabata

Rotate each interval to the next exercise until you have done 8 rounds each!

Tabata Air Squat

Tabata Hand Release Push-up

Tabata V Sit-up

High movement quality please! Finish your pushups with a straight body and fully extended arms. Sub in double crunch or regular crunches for the V ups.


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