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PUSH Event 4 and Open Gym Saturdays

Hey team,

Two days of very different challenges leads us into another tough couplet of exercises for Event 4. In this one, you have to WORK through a tough buy in to be able to get your reps. The faster you get the buy in done, the more time you have to get reps on the board!

Take a look at the video below for more details:

Also, we're super excited bringing back Saturday afternoon Open Gym times! This time around, we're expanding the time slots to 90 minutes, so you can get ALL the extra fitness in that you want. Time slots will be 130, 3, and 430. Free for our Unlimited members, Open Gym offers the opportunity to work on skills, catch up on a missed wod, or throw down a tough workout of your choosing.

Members with 2 or 3 day passes or Punchcards can use one of their visits for Open gym or pick up an Open Gym drop for $10 or Monthly recurring Open Gym for $30. Both types of passes can be bought through the member app under "Plans".

See ya soon,




WARM UP: 10 min smooth amrap

1 min row or assault bike

10 pole air squats (hold bottom for 1-2 sec)

5 pushups

5 spiderman lunge with twist

10 barbell or ring rows



May run heats of this for bigger classes!


BUY-IN: 40 Burpee Pullups

THEN: Max calories assault bike in remaining time


BUY-IN: 4 rounds of 10 burpees, 10 jumping pullups

THEN: Max calories assault bike in remaining time


BUY-IN: 40 Burpee CHEST TO BAR Pullups

THEN: Max calories assault bike in remaining time

ACCESSORY 4 x for quality (save yourself for the rest of the week!)

10/side DB single arm rows

6/side DB goblet reverse lunge

6/side plank T rotations

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