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Quarterfinal Potential & Intramural Update!

Hey all!

With 21.3 set to be revealed on Thursday at NOON PACIFIC (yes new time!), we have but one last challenge in the official first stage of the Open. As you likely know, certain athletes will qualify through to the next stage of the Open (Quarterfinals) with a blank slate of scores and an unknown number of events to complete.

For athletes in all age divisions, the top 10% in their region (in our case North America) will advance to Quarterfinals. We've got some intrepid souls who are looking good going into this last week, so cheer them on as they take on 21.3!

I did some rudimentary calculations of some of the top athletes in our gym and came up with the following list. It is likely that the actual percentage placing is different as I used week 2 numbers of participants!

For those on the 'bubble' - i.e. close to the top 10% but just outside, a very strong last workout could put them into that group that advances to the quarterfinals.

For the women, we have the following:

Coach Tia (Open women) - sitting in the top 4%

Megan Parrish (women 35-39) - sitting around 11%

Michelle Birtwell (women 35-39) - around 12%

Gail Cort (women 60-64) - top 8%

Cindy Mabee (women 50-54) - around 12%

For the men, we have:

Coach Phil (Open men) - top 6%

Coach Kristjan (Open men) - top 8%

Stephen Anderson (Open men) - top 8%

Zeke Cabell (men 40-44) - top 12%

So quite a crew! Good luck to all in this last week.


There was a bit of a shake up from last week, with Andito's Banditos turning on the jets to finish in first with the best average time across their qualifying scores! Strong efforts across all teams meant some close numbers ... check the average times for each team, as well as the current placings.

First Place: Anditos Banditos

Second Place: Cam's Commandos

Third Place: Kristjan's Crusaders

Fourth Place: Tia's Troops




WARM UP: 3 rounds

4 Spiderman lunge with twist (2/side)

5 dowel dislocates

6 Glute march per leg

15 jumping jacks


Option 1: Overhead Squat Practice - 5 x 6 reps, light to moderate, work on smooth fast reps, NO STRAIN

Option 2: Shoulder to Overhead (barbell) - 5 x 4 reps, moderate, work on timing of push jerks, NO STRAIN

WOD: EMOM rotation x 4

Another chance to practice some skills with a baseline of fatigue. Keep your movements crisp and accurate, don't do anything that feels bad!

DB Hang clean and Jerk x 10

Double unders x 30-45 sec

American KBS (moderate weight) x 10

Toes to bar x 6-10

Rest 1 min


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