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What fantastic weather we're having right now ... and longer days too! This means we're getting back into running in our outside WODs. We're starting off slow with some 200m segments, which is also our "new" one-way run route around the building.

This one way system is perfect for Covid times as you won't be constantly passing people going the other way breathing into your breath... you get the point. The route goes counterclockwise around the building, following some orange arrows. As always, be VERY careful while running around the south end of the building as the traffic can be quite erratic. Run on the sidewalk along the building by JustMove as you go around that end.

The running we're doing is also getting you prepped for Murph (or some version thereof), so you'll see it in the programming about once per week going forwards through the summer. If running isnt your thing, or is too hard on your body, swap out for a row or bike instead!

Good luck and have fun




WARM UP: 3 rounds - 4 samson lunges, 8 dowel dislocates, 4 dowel ohs, 4 vertical jumps

Part A

Here you have a couple of options - practice snatches by themselves or work them into the last event from the recent Quarterfinals. Choose one OR the other, since there's still a Part B!


For time: 9 Snatches, 185/135 lbs 9 Burpee Box Jump Overs, 30 in 6 Snatches, 185/135 lbs 6 Burpee Box Jump Overs, 30 in 3 Snatches, 185/135 lbs 3 Burpee Box Jump Overs, 30 in

Time cap: 7 mins

Tough weight, low reps!

FG4: 105/155 FG3: 75/115 FG2: 55/75 FG1: scale as needed


2 Snatches, 70% 1RM Every 1:30 for 15 mins.

Choose this OR the quarterfinals workout

Part B

Complete as many rounds as possible in 14 mins of:

Run, 200 m

max rep Push-ups

Run your 200 then do as many UNBROKEN pushups as possible - i.e. chest to deck and practice chin to ground if you have a mat, no pause on the ground, can rest at the top of the pushup. NO WORMING! FG2: pushups from the knees


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