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Skill and Control

Hey team,

After a pretty tough challenge on Monday - Tuesday and a tough evening ahead on Friday night, it's time to dial slightly back and work on some smooth skill.

Wednesday Thursday brings us the opportunity to work on your transfer of power in the snatch. The box jumps are paired with the barbell snatch to encourage you to generate force quickly with the hips and legs, while minimizing input from the arms.

The 5 min intervals are not going to be easy, but should also not be devastatingly hard. The key to this will be scaling the run so that you can complete your chosen distance in under 2 minutes at 80-85% effort. Use the 200 or 300m turnaround marks if the 400 is not going to be a "go"!

For the pushups, the tempo is there to work on your body control and form. Stay true to the tempo even if you have to drop reps or scale difficulty by going to your knees or hands on a box.

Bulgarians and planks are there for structural strength, smooth and controlled is the name of the game.

Have fun, work accurately, and sign up for Friday Night Lights!!




WARM UP: 3 rounds

20 jumping jacks or 40 single skips

25 foot crawl (hips and shoulders level)

5 dowel dislocates slow

SKILL: Alternating EMOM

minute 1: 3 power snatch

minute 2: 3 high box jumps (not maximal height, just jump high onto a moderate box)

5 rounds each, can build but this is more about skill transfer as opposed to loading

WOD: E5M Intervals

Every 5 mins for 20 mins do:

Run, 400 m

10 Tempo Push-ups

8 Bulgarian Split Squats

12 T Rotating Planks

tech notes

Scale run to take 2 min or less, goal is to get all of the work done in 3.5-4 min to give 1 min rest before next round. Tempo on pushups is ideally 3-1-3 (3 sec down, 1 sec pause above ground, 3 sec up). If you have to drop reps no problem. Can scale up to ring pushups or ring dips from a muscle up. Bulgarian squats are slow and controlled but no set tempo, 8/side T rotation planks are slow and controlled, 6/side


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